Homeopathic Cure for Yeast Infections
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Homeopathic Cure for Yeast Infections

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They are normally present in small quantities in the vagina and crotch area. However, under the right conditions, the bacteria can multiply rapidly and cause a yeast infection (also called Candidiasis). There you have it, a quick look at some of the causes and natural remedies for yeast infection.
You should consume plain yogurt, put some on a tampon and apply it on the affected region like the way you would do using a monistat. Consumption of plain yogurt on a regular basis can also relieve the condition or taking an OTC azo yeast pills. Be sure to clean your inner-wear using hot water. At times, the bacteria can inhabit in your inner-wear so it has been be cleansed extremely so as to be kicked out.
Because homeopathic treatments for Candida are not capable of acting as a permanent or long-term cure, one of the best things you can do is take preventive measures. This includes maintaining a healthy diet and weight, drinking a sufficient amount of water (to ensure your digestive tract gets properly cleansed), only using antibiotics when necessary and not for extended periods of time and avoiding bath and body products that are artificially scented or made of harsh chemicals.
Teatree oil is also widely used for treating infections. Soak an applicator tampon with a lubricant like KY Jelly or Olive Oil and apply a few drops of pure teatree oil. Insert the tampon using the applicator and apply the teatree oil carefully. The teatree oil can sting if it touches the vulva.
Stress, lack of sleep and lack of oxygen is what can affect our immune system. Overuse of drugs such as antibiotics, contraceptives and steroids also weakens our immune system making it more prone to Candida overgrowth, as the body is not in a position to defend itself from recurring infections in this state. Change your habits and you should being to feel better quicker.
Avoid sex, at least for a little while until your condition gets better. Remember that sex is one of the most common ways in which infection is transferred from one partner to another, so if you have infection, you don’t want to pass it on to your partner and you don’t want your partner to aggravate your condition either.
The Herbal Remedies Info website also names aloe, barberry, cinnamon, lavender, olive leaf, oregano oil, pau d’arco, peppermint, rosemary, thyme oil and peppermint as herbal cures for Candida. Taking supplements such as echinacea, goldenseal, grape root extract, licorice root and tea tree oil can help cure Candida infections. Additionally, garlic (in food or capsule form) boosts immune-building properties and can serve as an antifungal agent.
Make a list of all the things and chemicals that come into contact with your crotch area. It could be scented toilet paper, soaps, sanitary pads, even the laundry detergent used to wash your underwear. Douching and feminine sprays can also cause infections because the chemicals used in these products can kill the good bacteria keeping the yeast in check.

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