How to Avoid Buying Fruits Ripened by Hormone
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How to Avoid Buying Fruits Ripened by Hormone

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Nowadays, more and more vegetables and fruits are sold in advanced time. These fruits and vegetables are harvested earlier before they are mostly close to maturity. Before sale, large amount of s forchlorfenuron, red ripening agent and other chemical hormones are applied to make these fruits and vegetables well-looked. The large strawberry, huge watermelon and tasteless bananas are beautiful but not really good in flavor.

Forchlorfenuron is also called CPPU, whose usage is to expand the cells of fruits and vegetables unnaturally. Their shapes are also very strange, and the contents of some ingredients containing in it such as amino acid and sugar are insufficient, which lead to the poor taste and low nutrition. The common vegetables and fruits are lychee, kiwi, watermelon, strawberries, cherries, tomatoes and so on. Here I will tell you how to distinguish the fruits which are ripened by chemical hormones.

Green foods do not use chemical hormones. Here the green foods do not mean foods of green color but the organic foods without pollution. There are a wide variety of foods containing chemical hormones, people could not judge from their eyes. However, if consumers buy the green foods which have been certificated, they could eat foods safely because these foods are not allowed to add any chemical hormones.

Do not buy the fruits before the mature periods. If you find fruits selling half to one month before the mature period, these fruits may be applied with ripeners. These foods have no good tastes and low nutrition value.

Find the differences. Although the fruits using ripeners also have the mature feature, there must be some immature features in the peel or other aspects. For example, the natural ripe watermelons have deep and bright peel color, clear stripes and old pedicel because of sufficient sunlight; the watermelons using ripeners have fresh and light peel color, pale stripes and green pedicel.

Smell the odor. The natural ripe fruits have a kind of fruit flavor on the surface. The ripening fruits do not have fruit flavor but even fermentation smell. The good taste and unique smell of fruits and vegetables come from their natural growth and harvest. The ripening fruits are the result of pursuing profits and the consumers’ curiosity. For health, it is better not to eat such fruits and vegetables.

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