How to Choose A Comfortable Quilt
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How to Choose A Comfortable Quilt

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With winter’s coming, the sales of quilts have been increased. However, consumers can not identify which one is the right choice for them among various kind of quilts. For the issue of choosing good quality quilts, we could benefit from quilt wholesaler’s experience. There is a great variety of wholesale quilts, the following part is about the typical quilts sold in the market and tips for selecting.

Silk quilt - the greenest quilt

Silk quilt belongs to the top grade in the winter quilt, the fillers of the best silk quilt is 100% mulberry silk. The silk quilt has been called environmental product as the silkworm cannot get in touch with chemical materials like pesticides during its process of growth.

Attentions for selecting: The silk quilts’ price disparities are very big for their different purity and grades of silk. Therefore, consumers should firstly choose the reliable brand and check the trademark and introduction of the wholesale quilts, secondly, we must open the zipper of quilt cover to check the length of the inside silk fibre and touch it with your hand to feel whether it is smooth.

Down quilt - the lightest quilt

The natural eiderdown is rubbery, lightweight and soft. The down quilt has a large quantity of air inside so that it could isolate the cold air outside, and the eiderdown can contract or expand as the change of air temperature so as to adjust the temperature and provide help for good sleeping.

Attentions for selecting: Pay attention to the content of natural eiderdown on the mark, the general eiderdown content is 15% to 70%, the product whose eiderdown content supers 50% is usually good. Down quilt is warmth, bulk and soft enough that it can back to normal after being squeezed.

Wool quilt - the warmest quilt

The wool has good heat preservation for the crimpy characteristic of the wool fibre. The common material like sheep’’s fine hair is the key reason for the expensive price of this kind of quilts. Wool quilts’ materials of good brand are the high quality Australian wool from the farm which never uses pesticide, and the wool has been processed by screening, dusting, washing and disinfecting to ensure the elimination of the peculiar smell of wool.

Attentions for selecting: We must check if it has new pure wool when choosing wool quilt, and see clearly the mark of bedding ensembles, the wool that has been shaved for the first time from the sheep is the best wool.

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