How to Choose the Right International Travel Medical Insurance Plan
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How to Choose the Right International Travel Medical Insurance Plan

Published by: Tracy McManamon (6)
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Whether you are going abroad on vacation or business, to study or to relocate, you need to think about your health insurance coverage in the foreign country. Many countries require you provide proof of travel medical insurance when you enter their borders. You might have a standard policy, but this won’t do once you leave home. What you need is comprehensive international medical coverage for health-related incidents, car accidents, natural disasters or other possible injuries and incidents, however minor.  This article tells you how to choose the right international travel medical insurance plan.

Points to Consider When Choosing an International Travel Medical Insurance Plan

•    Purpose of travel: There are two types of plans available depending upon the purpose of your trip: International Travel Medical Insurance and International Medical Insurance.

If you are going abroad on holiday or business, you require International Travel Medical Insurance. For vacation travel, look for a plan that covers a single trip. If you are staying abroad for more than a year, you can get a plan that is renewable. If you’re going abroad on business and may need to make several trips abroad during a year, choose an annual plan that covers multiple journeys. Plans are also available for people who maintain more than one country of residence.
International Medical Insurance is what you need when you are moving to or relocating to another country. It can provide comprehensive coverage for a wide range of routine and emergency medical services and treatment in the foreign country such as: -

- Medical benefits including hospital room and stay, out-patient services, intensive care medical expenses, and local ambulance
- Prescription drugs
- Emergency room admission due to accident and illness along with in-patient admission
- Dental injury caused by accidents and unexpected dental pain

•    Destination: Corporate travelers and missionaries travel different countries and will have to find adequate international health insurance coverage for those regions. Also, note that as medical care can be expensive in North America, plans that cover both the USA and Canada might cost more than other countries.
•    Additional benefits: Besides these standard benefits, always look for additional benefits. Coverage for medical evacuation and return of mortal remains is important as it could cost from $50,000 to $100,000. Other things which your plan should ideally cover includes sports and other activities, sudden aggravation of a pre-existing condition, food poisoning, accidental death and dismemberment, emergency medical evacuation, redundant, political evacuation, trip interruption, and baggage loss.

•    Services for your global requirements: You are in a foreign country where language could be a problem. So make sure your plan offers access to international, multilingual customer service including translation and interpretation support. Moreover, international claims processing services and 24-hour access to efficient emergency services are crucial. Travel alert warnings, lost passport/travel document assistance, and provider referrals are also extremely useful for international travelers.

Benefit from Professional Guidance

It’s easy to purchase travel medical insurance because it is relatively inexpensive. But navigating plans and choosing the right one is easier when you have professional guidance. An experienced independent health insurance broker that represents leading travel insurance companies can help you find a plan that offers you comprehensive coverage with access to medical services worldwide.

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Tracy McManamon is a health and travel insurance consultant at One Source Benefits. He offers travel medical insurance plans that meets client specific requirements.

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