How to Deal with the Psychological Inertia in Workplace
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How to Deal with the Psychological Inertia in Workplace

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There is no doubt that people should be optimistic and hard-working in workplace. However, we can see that the disadvantages of delaying working are quite obvious. On one hand, people could not finish their tasks in the limited time and lose face; on the other hand, the boss will doubt your work ability and it will influence your personal career development directly.

Do you like to delay your work till the deadline? Have you ever come across such kind of colleague and tasted the anxious feeling? The inertia does no good to people self and others. So, we should have an analysis of its formation and find out solutions.

Perfunctory: When people face the troublesome work or the job they do not like, they will be prone to have the delay mind. They often think that things will be resolved in the end, so they do not have the spirit to deal with it till the deadline.

Over-confident: Some people have self-confidence to work under pressure. They consider themselves as mechanical spring and they will jump highest if they are compacted the tightest. Their work efficiency is often greatly improved in the last minute. In the process, they could appreciate the pleasure of overcoming the challenges and enjoy the efficiency and thrill in the last minute. But to other colleagues, this may cause some inharmonious and misunderstandings.

Fear of beginning: Some people often lack self-confidence and they are afraid that they could not finish work well. When they feel frustration, the pressure or questioning from colleagues make them continue to delay. However, this kind of escape will accumulate in the delaying.

Pursuit of perfection: Some people will try their best to do the best, but they also delay the work till the last minute because they cost a lot to pursue quality and the time exceeds the expected deadline.

To overcome this psychological inertia, people should learn to make reasonable arrangements task firstly; secondly, they can make guarantee to colleagues or boss, because others’ supervision will generate the working power; they can also set their own schedules and deadline to require themselves to complete work in advance to enjoy the sense of accomplishment.

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