How to draw in potential clients with pop up displays
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How to draw in potential clients with pop up displays

Published by: Katy (28)
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If something has been around for 30 years then you would expect it to have faded into the background or become tired and no longer used, this is not the case with pop up displays. On the contrary, they have just become more popular than they have ever been before. Due to the number of trade shows that occur these days pop up displays have become a vital visual tool. The reason pop up displays have become so popular is because of how easy they are to use, they are also very easy to carry around and very affordable which makes them a perfect marketing strategy.
As it is with all displays, pop up displays need to be set up in a way that maximizes the good effect on visitors. The location one is set up within the exhibition is of paramount importance. You can measure the effectiveness of your display by the amount of people who pass through your stall to make enquiries. This ensures that a lot of people coming to the trade show notice it more than they do any of the others. Before the show starts and potential clients start flooding in, do some last minute checks to make sure everything about your displays and stand are perfect in order to maximise potential business. For example, a corner slot should have a corner design.
Bad lighting will have a detrimental effect on your display. Effective lighting will prove invaluable. You should aim for as much light as possible, but make sure there is no glare. The clearer your display the better people will be able to see and the more attention it will get, this is the result you are looking for.
Due to the fact there is little space available at trade shows, you must make sure you have made the most of what is available to you. Because there is so little space you will need to be creative in the way you portray your business to make sure you get noticed. You must be very careful when planning out your space. This means that everything that needs to be seen by potential clients can and nothing is cluttering up the space. To achieve this calls for proper preparation and intense brainstorming with all concerned. It might even require the drawing  on paper  of alternative floor plans, in order to make it possible to visualize exactly how the layout should look like.
The graphics come next and are very important because they consolidate the gains made from all the other aspects considered above. You should make sure all the colours properly complement each other. The shades should be well balanced so as not to have any of the colours being either too dominating or suppressed. 

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