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How to improve your SEO with TermWiki

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As one of the fastest growing knowledge-oriented social networks on the internet, the community-driven has accumulated 1.2 million terms across 1,200 different subjects in less than a year. Many TermWiki visitors (companies and individuals) use the site to look up reference terms, ask questions, find translations and connect with other community members who have similar interests. Savvy TermWiki users have also started taking advantage of one of the site’s most important benefits: that the TermWiki network is an invaluable free tool for boosting search engine optimization (SEO) results, which enables users to greatly expand their online presence, as well as improve the performance of their marketing and sales strategies.

How TermWiki helps improve your SEO

As a multifunctional reference site, TermWiki allows companies to add their brand and product details along with the corresponding individual terms in the system. These details are instantly visible to the many thousands of visitors viewing the site every day, resulting in increased associations between your brand and the keyword terms in your industry. In addition, bylines featuring the term contributor’s names are displayed as links, so that users who would like more information about a given term, product, or brand can visit the user’s (or company’s) profile page within TermWiki, complete with your company’s logo, description, list of products, and website URL all collected in one clean and easily-accessible page.

Adding a term to TermWiki means that it is claimed by you, and for free. The only requirement is to be the first to add the term along with a quality definition. And by having your product and company name associated with industry keywords in a major site like TermWiki, your own profile will be boosted in search engine rankings, resulting in additional exposure and sales for your brand.

Getting first-page (multilingual) search results

As the internet’s most prominent social learning network that contains quality content in a variety of subjects and languages, TermWiki pages are promptly indexed and ranked extremely high by search engines like Google, Baidu, Yahoo and Bing. This means when users search for a term or a question (or a product in your industry, for example), TermWiki entries often show up in the first page of search results, which leads to tremendous marketing opportunities for the user that adds that term and customizes it for their own purposes.

Furthermore, TermWiki’s community-driven nature means that your marketing exposure will broaden significantly without too much extra effort on your part. For example, terms added in English are quickly translated into many other languages by the other TermWiki users, making your company and product information available in upwards of 75 languages—and thus skyrocketing your company’s visibility into 75+ new markets. In this way, adding terms to TermWiki has a wildfire effect, both for SEO, brand exposure, and overall sales. TermWiki helps to spread your message to users in all markets around the globe.

Some simple steps to jump-start your SEO

1. Sign up for a free TermWiki account by visiting, and clicking Sign Up. The process will only take a few moments, and it is completely free.

2. Create a Company Page in TermWiki by going to the Dashboard and selecting add a new company. Fill out your company details in as much detail as possible. Companies with products can also add their products to TermWiki.

3. Add industry-specific keywords as terms by selecting add a new term from the sidebar on the left-hand side of the homepage, and adding a keyword term. Make sure to choose your own company and products in the relevant fields.

That’s all there is to it! Please visit for more information.

Advertising opportunities and increased SEO performance

TermWiki also welcomes companies to advertise their products and services keyword terms, so when users search for a term, your ads will show up under those terms. For example, if a user were looking for information about a standard product or accessory in your industry, specific advertisements for your company would show up on the search result pages that the user visits. For a fixed fee, you can add highly visible banner advertisements to terms in your industry for a defined period of time. Advertising on TermWiki significantly increases the effectiveness of the SEO strategies described above, including:

- Greatly increased visibility
- Definable links on individual terms to external sites
- Higher-ranked SEO (and inbound links) on company websites

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