How to Prepare for an Interview
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How to Prepare for an Interview

Published by: Piyush Bhatia (20)
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Interview Tips:

  • Your dress-up reflects your choice, how much you respect yourself and your professionalism.
  • Check your resume thoroughly for sentence framing, grammar, spelling mistakes, correctness of information, consistency etc.
  • Carry at least 2 copies of your resume in a neat folder.

Explain: Interview is arranged to understand aspects of your personality. A lot of explanation is required and real life / other examples play a very important role in putting your point across. When you just say “I have a positive attitude“ that’s not enough, “Whenever I face a difficult situation, I face it with a positive attitude. When I was in 12th standard, I was not at all prepared for my exams because of ill health and everybody told me that I will fail. But just seven days before the exam I worked hard and was confident of clearing my exam and I cleared it with flying colours.“

Do not lie: There are very high chances that you will be nervous in an interview for various reasons. If you put forward a wrong information (“I have 7 years work experience in Sales“ when you have only 2) you will have a tough time justifying if the interviewer asks many questions. On the other hand, if you don’t know something, admit it gracefully. “I am sorry sir, I do not have a 50 wpm speed but 30 wpm on computers, but if you can give me 10 days time, I can definitely reach that speed.“

Prepare: Before going for an interview:

  • Know the company name, job description and other relevant details
  • Collect information about the company from company’s website or any other source
  • Understand the role of your department
  • Be sure about the date, time, venue of the personal interview
  • Print two copies of your resume and check for spelling / grammatical errors, missing information
  • Carry two passport-size snaps, if possible
  • Think of the interview questions you might face and do mirror practice of all till you are satisfied.

Ask: An interview is not about just talking and answering questions. After major part of interview is completed, if appropriate, asking couple of questions will demonstrate your interest in the job and will also make you aware of your role, if selected. Suggested questions:

  • What will be my exact role in the company?
  • What will be my key performance parameters?
  • What are company’s future plans?
  • What will be my career-path in your company?
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