How to Protect Furniture at Home in Hot Summer
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How to Protect Furniture at Home in Hot Summer

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Under the high temperature, not only human beings need to prevent stroke, but also furniture need some basic maintenance. Otherwise, you will find the deformed or damaged furniture after the hot summer.In hot days, furniture is also experiencing the test of high temperature. Experts pointed out that, the hot, humid weather and the excessive indoor air temperature changes would cause damage to the furniture of different materials. It ranges from peeling and fading to expansion and deformation. Therefore, it is very necessary to protect furniture.

Wooden furniture: Strong direct sunlight, frequent temperature changes caused by switching air conditioning and excessive dry or humid environment will cause damage to the wood furniture. It will have phenomenon of deformation, cracking and bulging. Especially the traditional mahogany furniture with large numbers of carved patterns is easier to expand with heat and contract with cold, because it basically has not been dealt on moisture content.

No matter the furniture is made of solid wood or compound materials, they should be protected from damages caused by weather and humid changes and strong sunlight. People are recommended to adjust the placement of furniture. They should be placed far away from air conditioning and direct sunlight. In the afternoon with intense sunshine, it is better to pull the curtain. In addition, coating a layer of wax on edges of drawer and sliding door could prevent the difficult opening and closing caused by swelling. Put some mothballs in humid areas to prevent the insect effectively.

Leather furniture: After long time exposure, the leather furniture will lose their luster. People are easy to sweat in summer, and the holes in leather furniture will absorb the sweat and produce odor. It is better to wipe them and have regular professional maintenance. Place furniture in air-conditioning room to keep dry. The mold at the bottom of sofa should be prevented in rainy days.

Fabric sofa: Sun exposure, temperature changes and pet damage and other factors will lead to the fading of fabric sofa and it will breed a lot of bacteria. It is better to use vacuum cleaner or brush to remove the dust on the sofa and cover the sofa cushion of water proof function.

Different furniture materials have different prevention tips. Furniture is one of the most important part in home decoration, so we should not ignore the maintenance of them.

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