How to Protect Your Feet Well?
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How to Protect Your Feet Well?

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As for feet always being ignored by you, at a lot of times, you don’t realize how bad you treat your feet: when you are choosing high-heeled shoes and exercising yoga practice, relax pedicure, and running. They are suffering probably because you had been careless. The following are mistakes to treat your feet badly. After you look at, you should protect them well.

Error 1: the wrong shoes unsuitable to your feet - how many people in order to be beautiful squeeze the feet into small yard shoes? Cheap shoes, uncomfortable shoes, unsuitable shoes, to choose shoes wrongly will cause lift time problems. This is not sensational. Wrong shoes may cause foot pressure fractures, etc, so we must choose shoes carefully. Don’t aggrieve your own feet because of nice shoes.

Error 2: informal pedicure - pedicure can let a person relaxed, and can make your feet covered a winter to see anyone. But unqualified foot-therapy hall may bring foot bacteria, which may cause more problems, such as nails infection, etc. If there is such a problem, don’t go to pedicure salon, and go to see the doctor before foot situation worsens. To avoid such worry, the first principle is to select the regular pedicure institutions, and had better take your own nursing tools. If you are worrying about health questions, after coming home you may some bacillus antibiotics on double foot daub.

Error 3: yoga blankets hide an ambush -- yoga blankets are notorious verruca plantaris disseminator (the ordinary warts in the vola caused by virus infection, can infect through tiny damage in the skin), damp environment caused by sweat is beneficial to spread of wart class, especially the public blanket will cause athlete’s foot and verruca plantaris. We are not accusing everybody don’t value hygiene, just because the human is the main carrier of warts’ spread. So to bring your own yoga mat, or to prepare a pair of socks, then you may absorb into yoga world!

Error 4: pay attention to water vapor - foot problems, such as athlete’s foot, are thriving in damp environment, so you must guarantee the dry foot. After sport, if you need to bathe, you should remember to take a flip-flop with you. Without it, you also need not to be panic. You can smear alcohol on the foot to guarantee it’s dry. To wear shoes, you also must ensure sufficient dry of the feet. The most effective way is to sprinkle some corn starch in the shoes, which can isolate all harmful bacteria.

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