How to Record Flash Video by Using Flv Recorder
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How to Record Flash Video by Using Flv Recorder

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Usually people want to download the useful flash video into their PC for some special purposes such as sharing with friends, showing to the colleagues in the meeting and teaching lessons in the class, etc. However, the common online video websites generally do not offer download function. A powerful functional Flv recorder is surely needed. Flv recorder can easily capture flash streaming video playing online and record flv video streaming through http protocol and rtmp protocol. It do not connect to stream media server for getting stream data, so Flv recorder is the only selection when rtmp stream server refuse the download demand or the stream video is hard to download. With a superb build-in free Flv player, Flv recorder can help you watch the recorded Flv videos conveniently.

You can find exactly how to use this software as follows,

Step 1,

Download and install Flv recorder. 

Go to the website of this software. Click the “Download” button and the corresponding download links to download the software. Complete the installation process following the prompts step by step. And carefully select the adapter which you connect to Internet among the procedures.


Run Flv recorder.

After installing, double click this software to run it. You will see clearly a recording list and a free Flv player. Soon you can use it to record the video you eager to save into your PC.


Record the video with Flv recorder.

In order to record the flash video, click the round “Start” button so that the software will begin to work. And open the browser, quickly search the flash video from the online video website you need, and play it online. The Flash video recorder will automatically record streaming videos. At the same time, It will also sniff some other related urls, record common streaming media such as MP3,MP4,M4A,M4V files and download them. Gradually, the useful files would be immediately displayed with its recording progress data on the Recording list. There will be a green Tick mark appeared in front of the file once recording process completed.


Play the flash video by free Flv player or other flash video player.

After finishing recording, the file will auto save into the specified folder. If you prefer to watch it directly by Flv player, right click the file in the list and choose “Play File” option. The flv video will play in the free Flash video player of Flv recorder at the right side. If you would rather to play it on the original video player of PC, right click the file in the list and select “Open folder” option, then the specified folder will open, you will see the recorded videos are in it. Choose whatever video player you like to play the video files.

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