How to Repairing a Broken Computer
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How to Repairing a Broken Computer

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Broken computers and laptops are the most commonly encountered problems in our life. However only a very few people will try to fix the problems themselves; most of them will take them to the technicians while the remaining will like to replace it with a new one. In this regard it will be very useful for you to learn some of the simple computer repairs to cut down your cost and also save your precious time. Also by simple methods you can repair most of your software problems.

The first thing that you have to do is to make up the backup copies of the data that you have stored in your computer. The backup copies can be made in a memory card, a data traveler like and CDs. The CD’s are considered best for storage because they do not carry any viruses. Then proceed on with the diagnostics. Each time removing a spare part from your computer and attaching it to a computer that is working. Once you are done replace it with a new part. If you have got overheating issues, then check the fan and its grills. Cleaning it might work. Otherwise you can replace it with a new one designed for the model you are working on. The broken cables can be covered with the duct tape and the hardware cracks can be filled with the epoxy putty.

If you have undergone a software problem first of all run a scan to detect the viruses. The system might not be working properly due to these viruses. If you have got Trojan horses, or other malware you can easily heal them by using a good antivirus. If you are suspecting a worm, you may need to put an extra effort. Download a patch from the website of your antivirus company and use it against the worm along with the antivirus software. If your virus scan has shown no viruses than you can use the automated repair tools to solve the problem. Run online software like the Reimage to undo your problem. Reimage will fix the registry settings, download DLLs and repair other operating system programs for you by scanning the drive and fixing the faults to any operating system files on the computer.

Other approach in correcting the problems is the manual approach. Through this approach first you will have to identify the root cause of the problem. You can check the online site for searching the problem. These sites may solve most of your problems. Also reinstalling the softwares might be of some help in many cases. If the windows are not working properly take help from Windows Update. This may help you to get rid of your problem

Your computer may become slow at times and you are worried about the better speed. Disk defragmentation may be of some help in this case. Also scan your hard disk for bad sectors that may distort the performance of your computer. If your computer freezes frequently then problem can be checked by pressing Ctrl+Alt+Del. By using these tips you can easily fix your computers

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