How to Select the Better Campsite for Your Familys Needs
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How to Select the Better Campsite for Your Familys Needs

Published by: Aaron Garcia (9)
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Camping is a great American past time. Just like any other family holiday, camping requires a level of arranging. There are several diverse factors to consider after you pick where you are going to be camping. One essential part of a successful camping trip is choosing the right site for the camping adventure. Here are some things you will want to take into account when you are deciding on a campsite within your chosen campground:

1.    Reservations- If you are taking your family camping during the peak summer season, you may need a reservation to make sure your campsite. This reservation may need to be made months in advance, especially if you are picking a popular campground, like a Jellystone Park. Making reservations in advance doesn’t allow you to look at the site personally, but many campgrounds give online maps showing the spots of all their campsites so that you can see if you are around a restroom/outhouse and if your site is supplied with electricity.

2.    Amenities- What kind of services you want will depend on exactly whom you are traveling with. Do you have small children, pets, grandparents...all these will affect how much you really want to “rough it”. Generally speaking if you are traveling with small children, especially newly potty trained children, you will want to be as close the restrooms/outhouse as possible. Going behind the bushes several times a day with your children will not heighten your fun. Grandparents will most likely also take pleasure in having a shorter walk to the restrooms/outhouse, especially at night. The only downside is that being near a restroom may mean that your site is in a less private area and prone to more foot traffic.

3.    Playground-  Various campgrounds now come with playgrounds, which can be a great thing for campers with young children. Playgrounds will give your kids something to do after they have woken up and before breakfast is ready. So instead of having them hanging around the campsite asking when the food will be ready, they can play with other little ones. If your campground has a playground you may want to get a campsite near enough for your kids to have easy access without total parental supervision.

4.    General Store- Some larger campgrounds come with a general store with a few necessities. Most stores will generally carry things like matches, bread, butter, batteries, bug spray, sunscreen, hats, body soap, and other things that are typically left behind. These stores can be very handy, but you probably don’t want a campsite too close to them because the stores are usually near things like the road and the main dumpster, both undesirable when looking for a campsite. If a general store is important to you, decide on a campground that has a store but a campsite that is a ten minute walk from the store that way you will be near some basic grocery items but far enough away to escape the sounds of car traffic.

5.    Level- If you get to look at your site before choosing it, select one that is on level ground. A little sloping is acceptable, but a campsite that is full of tiny mole hills or potholes is no fun. Building a tent on ground that is not level is not always easy and sleeping on ground that is full of little holes and hills is not pleasing. Also watch out for tree stumps and larger stones that can mar the charm of a campsite.

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Aaron Garcia is a camping enthusiast who loves to spend his summers at campgrounds around the US. During the summer, he chooses campgrounds with water attractions, to keep his family cool.

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