How to shop for your prom dress
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How to shop for your prom dress

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Get a clear picture of what you want your prom night to look like in your mind. Close your eyes and envision yourself on your prom night. What do you see? What color prom dress are you wearing? Is your prom dress fitted or full? Are you going to be dancing it up with your friends, dancing the night away with your dream date, or living out a fairytale? Figure out how you want to look and feel at your prom.

Start saving money for the big night by picking up extra shifts at your after-school job or babysitting your neighbor’s kids. Nothing is worse than being broke on the big night, so plan ahead. Figure out what your budget will be and find out how much you will need to make your prom a night to remember. Don’t forget to put aside money for hair and nails too. What is the cost of prom dresses in Maryland? At Lily’s Bridal our prom dresses start at $199.

How do you start shopping for Prom dresses in Maryland? Start your search online for Prom Dresses Baltimore or Prom Dresses Maryland. Make a list of shops that carry Prom dresses and start to shop at those stores. Shop early for the best selection of prom dresses in Maryland. If the prom dress doesn’t look to good on the hanger don’t pass it up. You will never know how something looks on you until you try it on.  You need to see what prom dresses look like on you before you purchase.

When you find your dress, purchase it; don’t give someone else the opportunity to buy your dress. The worst feeling at your prom would be to see someone else wearing the prom dress you loved but waited to long to purchase it.

Lily’s Bridal stocks prom dresses in sizes 00 to 30W in the hottest styles and colors. We register every prom dress sold at Lily’s Bridal. We will not sell the same prom dress in the same color/style to any school. We can also guarantee you will not find our prom dresses nowhere else in Maryland. We carry prom dresses found only at Lily’s Bridal and our dresses will not be found online, at the mall, or at any super stores. Lily’s Bridal carries the largest selection of exclusive prom dresses in Maryland. Your dress will be unique just like you!

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Lily’s Bridal has handpicked the hottest styles from the top designers across the country. We carry over 500 Prom Dresses Maryland.We have styles only sold at Lily’s Bridal Prom Dresses Baltimore. Come in early for the best selection of colors and sizes.

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