How to Solve the Problem of Yellowing White Clothes
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How to Solve the Problem of Yellowing White Clothes

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Many people wash clothes with washing machine, but they often come across many problems. For example, white clothes would become yellow after long time washing. Now, I will help you solve the following problems.

How to deal with the yellowed white clothes?

In order to whiten white shirt, you can add bleaching powder into detergent solution and soak clothes into it after 20 to 30 minutes. In addition, it is also useful to dip clothes into water which has been used to wash rice. After washing clothes, you can rinse it again in clear water with blue ink, which is also effective in preventing yellowing.

White waistcoats often become yellow after wearing for a long time. Here is a good way. Clean it at first; rub with soap or detergent; rinse with clear water; then rub with soap or detergent again; without rinse, put it into plastic bags and tie it; dry it under the sunshine for one hour; at last, take it out to rinse. When you wash white socks, you can just add two or three pieces of lemon into hot water, and dip the washed white socks into it for ten minutes. The socks are very easy to be cleaned. After cleaning clothes, do not bask it under hot sun and let it dry in cool clothes. You can also try to put washed clothes into freezer storage bags in the refrigerator for about an hour.

How to deal with the twisted clothes in washing machine?

It is a common question that clothes are easy to knot. It is related with the type of washing machine. Generally speaking, Whirlpool-style washing machines are more likely to cause tie situation than the stirred-type clothes washing machines. If the laundry is often knotted, you can go to the supermarket to buy laundry ball, or throw a few empty bottles into the washing machine to reduce the similar situation.

How to save water and electricity in using washing machine?

Before using washing machine, dip clothes in detergent solution for 10 minutes so that detergent could work on the dirt in clothes. It could also shorten operation time of washing machine to save water and electricity.

After all, life wisdom exists everywhere.

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