Hunter PGJ-06 Rotor Sprinklers
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Hunter PGJ-06 Rotor Sprinklers

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You will always need to use a Hunter PGJ-06 Rotor sprayer in your garden because you don’t want any spot of your lawn to be left dry when you spray in your garden. For this reason you can use different spraying products or you can spray your garden manually as well. It will require so much time and you may never have enough time to spray your garden or lawn daily. So the best option that you have now is to use an automatic rotor product that can serve the purpose to spray all your lawn with fewer efforts and never leaves a dry spot in its zone or work. If you want to find all the benefits and feature in one single rotor product then you can find them in this rotor as a PGJ rotor.

You will never regret the decision to buy this one as you will be completely satisfied with its work and operations. Basically this designed is made to serve the residential sites however if you want then you can also use it in your commercial site as well where you will have to use it along wit big and large rotors. Residential rotors are small in size but very much effective. The reason why they are small in size is that they are supposed to spray a small area in the home lawn however the commercial rotors are subjected to big areas like play ground, big display lawns, public parks and big nurseries etc. If you will choose Hunter PGJ-06 Rotor then you will get all the features of benefits of a good rotor in a small package and very much affordable price as well.

Features & Benefits

If you will buy this rotor then you will get a complete set of nozzles that are standard nozzles with each rotor set.

A set of instructions guide will also be delivered to you to understand the design and purpose of its use.

With every shipment you will also get an adjustment tool that will help you to adjust the length and variation of rotor easily.

You will also get a radius adjustment screw that will help you to adjust the radius of the rotor. So you will be able to cover your desired area.

A protective rubber cover is included with the pack which ensures that Hunter PGJ-06 Rotor cannot be defected with anything easily. It makes the rotor more strong, force resistant and reliable to use.

A radius adjustment screw is also added that will help it to cover more area while spraying and never loose its center of rotation.

Adjustment and Reliability:

It has an arc that can be adjusted from 40 degree to 60 degree to allow you to manage the spraying nozzle to perform it task more efficiently.

The rotation motor that is used in Hunter PGJ-06 Rotor is very strong and reliable. It has been proven from years to years that the rotation of the rotor never gets disturbed with the size of nozzle or spraying radius change.

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