Importance of Anuradha Nakshatra in Hindu astrology
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Importance of Anuradha Nakshatra in Hindu astrology

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Anuradha is the 17th Nakshatra of Hindu astrology and is governed by the planetary Lordship of Saturn. It extends from the realm of Scorpio and dictates the cosmic firmament with balance, honor and harmony, which are some of its basic traits. It strikes a harmonious nexus with the Vishaka Nakshatra and derives its divine strength from Mitra, who is its ruling deity and the guiding force. It has a great ability to strike a balance amongst the most seemingly contradictory forces and create harmonious relationship between them. It exhibits a fusion of sociability, joviality and energy which is one of the strongest characteristics they possess. It is unique and stands in its propensity to create channels of diversely varying communications. It has the rare ability to create means of harmonious interaction irrespective of its age, sex, intelligence and social stature. They have a sharp focus and possess the talent of reading between lines. One of their strongest and most interesting aspects of their personality is their ability to discern. They can easily get hidden messages from the most common of things. They are endowed with a sharply chiseled mental acumen and logic. They have the ability to easily gauge a situation in its exact reality and say whether it is fake or real. They can easily see through the fakeness of a given situation, which comes in handy a lot of times and saves them a lot of trouble. They are very open and sociable and easily mingle with people but they also keep their secrets closely guarded. They do not share a lot of their private stuff and it is difficult to penetrate in their private space. They usually have a prominently stout body and amiable physical features, the natives of this nakshatra are usually prone to have a secretly guarded life. The natives of this nakshatra are highly driven by reason and an intrinsic sense of rationality. There is nothing in the world that motivates them more than reason. Most of the aspects of their behaviour are strongly guided by reason thus they are very rational human beings. They are logical, rational and have independent thought process. The different aspects of their personality depend upon their social interaction and revolve around their innate belief in facts, figures, numbers and statics. They believe in what is, rather than what is supposed to be. They are very good leaders as they are decisive and can easily manage situations. They do not take time to decide on what is supposed to be done. They have a clear picture of what they want and how they will get it. They maintain a good balance of material as well as spiritual needs and have a strong focus on self-development. This is another distinct aspect of their personality which sets them apart from the rest. They always have a strong curiosity to explore new avenues and horizon and have a desire to expand, be rational and fine tune their behavioural characteristics. They are independent and do not like people controlling their lives. Some of the positive traits of this nakshatra are their amiability, balance and logically appropriate self-conduct. Besides this they also have strong leadership quality and outstanding ability to forge rapport and harmony. They know where they have to go and how. They have an unusual knack of bridging differences and animosity and help people settle disputes among themselves. They are some of the most likeable and sociable people despite the fact that they do not easily let people get into their personal lives. Among their negative traits some of them are excessive emphasis on secrecy, frivolousness and unexpected mood swings. At times they can also be lazy, waste time being idle and weak and lose their sense of purpose. Based on their qualities some of the most suitable career options for them are careers that revolve around science, mathematics, engineering where precision and clarity of thought is required. They are very logical people who believe in the accuracy of results. They do not speculate or guess, but make a strong distinction between the right and the wrong. They also like to travel and face new challenges, thus careers related to tourism, hospitality, administration etc. are suitable for them. With their strong organisation and leadership skills, they can also be strong administrators. In terms of compatibility these natives are highly compatible with the natives of Vishaka nakshatra. They are also compatible with Jyestha as they symbolize their male counterpart. They are mostly non compatible with the natives of Bharani, Ashwini and Purvavadrapada nakshatra as they are symbolized by incompatible animal symbols. Male Natives – The male natives of this nakshatra have a very attractive appearance and a dominant personality which makes them very charming. They possess a natural charm with which they attract a lot of people. These people are very tough and going and are always ready to overcome all the hurdles in their life, which they will face in plenty. They always have a positive attitude in life and never lose hope. Inspite of all the problems they face in life they maintain a very calm and positive attitude. They are loving and kind souls who think of everyone around in their lives. They believe in god and are very honest and truthful people. They are hardworking, sincere, dedicated and determined people who do not like to be confined to one place. They are free souls who likes to experience and experiment. Female Natives – The female natives are also more or less the same but have some distinct characteristics of their own. They have pure and affectionate souls who are very friendly and charming. From the inside they are quite sensitive and have a fluctuating mind. They are rarely aggressive and do not ever try to get into conflicts and are always good at heart. They are simple people who never carry vanity in their life. They are very honest people who will always choose the path of loyalty and honesty. They are selfless souls who always try to see the good in other people. They love giving respect to others as a result of which they also receive the same.
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