Innovation and Technological Development in the Thermoplastics
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Innovation and Technological Development in the Thermoplastics

Published by: Steven J Stanek (24)
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Not only in science there has been a great development in the manufacturing sector as well. The industry is continuously working on providing the best material to the market. As the competition has increased, production of high quality products is mandatory. The trend is of using composite materials. Various industries nowadays use high amount of thermoplastic composite materials for manufacturing. These materials are taking up the industry and giving them a new rise in the market. What are composite material? Composite materials are those materials which have been created by using two or more different kinds of constituents or ingredients. Different components have different physical and chemical properties. These properties are combined to make a new product. Composite are created because they are high density polymers. Due to the mixture of different types of compounds and material the new product gains the properties from both and becomes more strong and durable. Ecomass technologies is one such company which have developed in the engineering of high density thermoplastics. They create and innovate several delivering solutions using composites Why are composite used? Composite are high strength materials. They are perfect for manufacturing areas. There are composite which have been engineered in such a way that they can withstand any physical challenge. Thermoplastic composite materials have been engineered for various applications such as weighting, balancing, radiation and vibration dampening. The basic purpose of composite material is that they are designed to replace the old traditional materials. The old traditional materials were not dense enough to hold a heavy material as they lack strength. Applications of composite The main purpose of the composites is to take the place of traditional materials and provide a high end advancement in the technology. The use of these high density polymers is that they provide the core strength to the manufacturing sector. These high gravity compounds have been used for replacing lead, aluminum, steel and stainless. They have also replaced materials like bronze, copper and brass from various application fields. Lead Projectiles have been replaced by non-toxic frangible projectiles. These are used in the manufacture of equipment for military and various law enforcement personnel. The usage of these materials have extended to medical field as well. They are used in shielding x-rays and gamma-rays sources. Automotive and sports industries have been using composites as well. The composite are used to suppress or minimize the vibrations. This actually adds in the customer satisfaction field. Moreover there are several other applications as well like they are used as balancing weights. This is done to reduce the loads and to increase the service life. Hence there are various uses of composites in various fields because of the strength factor. Advantages These materials are of great use. They are non-toxic and are high density thermoplastic composite materials which are very powerful in strength. These materials can also be processed on injection molding and compression molding. The best part about these product is the density, their heat deflection capacity, tensile and impact strength and the flexural modulus. These materials are a direct substitutes for the traditional materials.
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