Investment in Noida Real Estate A Safe and Secure Option
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Investment in Noida Real Estate A Safe and Secure Option

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The real estate sector in Noida is busting at the seams, the prominent reason being a migration of people from Delhi who are trying desperately trying to make it their permanent residence. As a part of Uttar Pradesh, Noida has been quite familiar with the problems prevailing in the state. Despite all, the individuals who have shifted their base to Noida witness to live a splendid life.

     Property prices in Noida, both commercial as well as residential, certainly have a clear edge over the other nearby cities as far as the relative proximity to Delhi is concerned. Excellent connectivity by roads and Metro and other civic infrastructure have certainly made it one of the better cities in the Delhi NCR region. Also, Noida is benefiting hugely from the modern generation of young and well earning  professionals who are making Noida, the highest income tax paying district in UP.
Real estate and hospitality giants are also poised over Noida. Many prominent names in both domestic and international hospitality sector are to initiate exclusive five-star hotel projects in Greater Noida.

     With the continuing outbreak of IT and ITES development in Noida, we have witnessed a significant growth of population in the city. Hence, with the fast paced growth of the multi- national companies in the real estate market, the Noida residential property has also developed at a phenomenal pace. The increasing demand has undeniably resulted in the expected appreciation of the Noida residential real estate market, thereby making it one of the most preferable options for real estate investment.

Reasons for Investment in Noida Residential Property
•    It has been already mentioned that one of the major causes for the development of the residential real estate property market is the recent development of the corporate and the industrial sectors in past few years. Every year witnesses the advent of hundreds of professionals who come to this city for job purposes. This in turn, has lead to the increase in demand for the residential units thereby paving the way to development of structures and society looking for modern lifestyle.
•    Due to recent surge in of Noida residential property prices, investors find it to be a lucrative option to invest their capital and get assured high profits in return. In fact, the bug of property investment has bitten scores of people across Delhi and the NCR region looking to buy residential units in Noida.
•    Noida is close to the national capital Delhi, and is a well planned residential township, thereby turning into one of the favorite hot spots for NRI investment. The expected Foreign Direct Investment in the coming time has been estimated to be around 30,000 crores, a mind boggling investment in terms of money. The non-resident Indians don’t mind purchasing luxurious retreats, making it as their second home in the regions close to the national capital like Noida.

     A number of residential real estate projects in Noida are located in the sectors 14, 15, 27, 28, 29 and 37. Among these residential properties, a majority of them are dwelling units while the others are the ones located in sector 44 as group housing projects.

     A wide range of Noida residential property can be located from flats/apartments, independent houses, luxury bungalows, villas to penthouses. In order to beat their competitors, each of the real estate developer makes use of their best available expertise to come up with innovative projects and villas.

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