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Iron Door Opener

Published by: Lisadarr (32)
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Jean is outside her garage, pressing the button on the remote control to open the Iron door. But to her surprise, nothing is happening. Jean is frustrated and very angry at the power supplier, because what she is going through is a power outage- the ‘black out’. Now Jean would have to wait till the power supply is back and then her Iron door would open to let her park in.Isn’t the situation above very irritating? Indeed it is. So, what can you do to avoid it? Well, this is one situation when can avoid disabling your automatic Iron door opener. What you required here was a manual process of opening and closing the door. Not only that, but sometimes you are required to adjust the door for travel and stops, which can seriously take a lot of time. So,

it is better to disabling the automatic opener at this time so that you can manually adjust the Iron door. later, when you have ample time and you are rather bored, you can definitely come back and set your Iron door opener according to your favored adjustment.Disabling is rather a piece of cake, but it could prevent you from a lot of hassle. Firstly, shut the door to the extreme, that is, as much as possible. Now, you are to pull the emergency release handle down. Don’t know what is the emergency release handle? Well, it’s the cord that hangs down from the trolley. You are to pull that handle down till the moment the trolley’s release arm positions itself in a vertical posture. Now check if your effort yielded any fruit. Try lifting up the door manually and then close the door manually too. If you can do that, means you were successful in disabling the automatic Iron door opener.

However, doing this each time you reach your Iron door can be very hectic and boring. So at the end of the day, you would still need an automatic Iron door opener. So, when your tight situations are passed and you think that switching back to the automatic opener is the wise thing to do, then reconnect the automatic Iron door opener. Now, how to do that is very simple too.You have to pull the manual release handle straight down with a firm grip. This process would reconnect the opener to the trolley and your opening function would once again be automated. Now, again we need to check if the reconnection was done correctly or not. So, just simply let go of the handle and push the Iron door opening button on the remote control or on the wall on the side of the Iron door. Did your Iron door open automatically? If yes, close it through the button too. Did that work too? Well, great! You did it! It is just that simple and can save you a lot of hassle. Good luck!

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