Is your home safe? Which are the spots that need to be cleaned with surface sanitizer?
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Is your home safe? Which are the spots that need to be cleaned with surface sanitizer?

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Why are surface sanitizers important for your home? All of us are adjusting to the new normal of wearing face masks and using hand sanitizers. We are also mindful of what we touch outside our homes like the elevator buttons, door knobs and public transport as we do not want to bring home the germs from outside. Have you thought about the germs from you shopping bag spreading in your kitchen counter? Washing your hands is primary but there is every chance of germs spreading from surfaces too. Other germ carrying items that you might bring into your home are soles of your shoes, credit cards, phones, shopping bags and more. Home is a safe sanctuary for everyone. We may not be consciously aware of washing our hands frequently while we are at our homes. So it is safer to disinfect the surfaces around our homes to be sure of safety and hygiene in our homes. Smartsan surface sanitizers have an enriched formula with IPA base. This leaves any surface 99.9%* germ-free. And it also adds a subtle fresh fragrance. And the surface sanitizer also cleans and removes stains when used on the surfaces. So, after application the Smartsan Surface Sanitizer leaves the surface sanitized and free from germs for hours. Smartsan Surface Sanitizer is easy to carry along. It has a unique leak proof packing ensuring that there will be no mishaps. It also has a world class IPA based formulation to protect you instantly. The Smartsan Surfaces sanitizers come as wipes and sprays. You can choose the convenient form of packaging as per your requirement. The wipes are 50×150 mm non-woven fabric conveniently folded. It is machine sprayed for even wetness. It also has a handy design for easy usage. The Smartsan Surface Sanitizers wipes come in easy to tear sachet and it is travel friendly. It removes dirt and stains and kills 99.9% of germs. The superior formulation is effective on all surfaces. The entrance Use surface sanitizer wipes on the door knobs to remove germs while entering your home. Aim the Smartsan Sanitizer spray at your shoe rack to get rid of germs that you might have carried. Wipe the coffee table in the hall where you automatically place things you bring from the outside. The kitchen and dining Kitchen countertops, sinks, taps can be wiped using the surface sanitizers wipes to be sure they are free of germs. So spray sanitizers on to the shopping bags as soon as they are brought in. And when you take your trash out, be sure to sanitize the bin later when you bring it back home. Keeping an eye on the most often touched surfaces will ensure a germ free kitchen. The bedroom Spray surface disinfectant on the mattress, the curtains and drapes to be sure you get rid of germs and disease causing viruses that may be lurking. So disinfect mattress protector and sun-dry to ensure maximum protection. Bathrooms Sanitize all the things that are used commonly in the house. Use wipes on the tap and holders to get rid of germs. Also spray disinfectants on the shower curtains and easily touched spots. This ensure there is no infection spread Possessions There are several other key things within that house that needs surface sanitizers. This includes, TV remote, car keys, debit cards, light switches, game controllers, computer keyboards and mouse. Apart from these, it is important to use hand sanitizers on all commonly used things around your households. Awareness about the importance of disinfection and the harmful diseases spread by contaminated surfaces is very important to keep your home and your loved ones safe from germs and viruses that cause diseases. So, Smartsan surface sanitizers is an expert solution to ward off infections and keep your home germ-free!
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