It is all the fault of the threshold of iPhone
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It is all the fault of the threshold of iPhone

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Recently, Apple began to take measures on the iPhone software, vote of no confidence for Google Voice software included. This makes developers and FCC (m State Ministry of Industry) strong dissatisfaction, have asked Apple to explain this, want to get a statement, That makes people could not help think of the situation Zhang Yimou’s masterpiece - “Story of Qiu Ju.“ iPhone software developers exposed the news, he get whipped by the warning sent by Apple. A mere e-book software Eucalyptus (evergreen meaning Australia), was surprised to be iTunes App Store blocked, cut off their own sources of revenue do not say, even more exasperating is that Apple is actually the explanation given - “contains sexual content“ is really arbitrary and hang him. As Apple’s former partner, the software developer is extremely being dangerous and confused. The same piece of software, why occasionally also with Apple to get awkward, and now content to be warned Jurisprudence? Apple’s sleeve in the end sells drugs?

This e-book software, dubbed “classic walk“ because it encompasses a master since 1920 masterpiece, Charles Dickens and Jane Austen are the list. But Apple gave it a red light, made a full screen warning, reportedly because of a Victorian translation, the book (Kama Sutra) contains the ancient Indian language words related to sex. For this reason alone is clearly unconvincing, particularly Apple recalled the generous open platform; it is degrading now closed famous dogs! June 2008, iPhone second generation release, Apple has opened the door to independent software developers. However, after the share issue on sale, Apple has made it very vague. Jobs are not even in the mail to be very clear rules of the game, we can see today did not elaborate very likely to stick to find an excuse to kill Wei, Apple itself is the initiator of the culprit. Of course, in addition, regardless of indiscriminate “comfortably,“ and also banned because of some software with the iPhone’s (wholesale iPhone cases) own software may be a threat. To shun the people, not barbed head, be it other unspoken rules! July 31, FCC sent a letter asking Apple why Google Voice blocked this application. Apple is also noncommittal.

However, many analysts said that Apple do not want to have a share with the other vendors, so it means cutting of the cake is a single large, prefer to Chengsi, not allowing people to feed their families. Considering Apple’s cooperation with the carrier AT & T, the profit split from the point of view, they can not voice services (cheap iPhone case) to Google’s free ride. Face of the question, AT & T very cunning, evasive, with the media playing the ball. However, the people all know that two of the FCC stamp of the Gate of Life, Google Voice will not be the only victim.(From: wholesale iPhone accessories)

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