It is Time to Protect Environment
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It is Time to Protect Environment

Published by: Toryyang (355)
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The universe creates so beautiful planet for us. Don’t we have to protect and take care about it? When we are born in the world, which means we have responsibilities and obligations to protect this earth. When I was very young, I thrown the rubbish down everywhere. I thought it doesn’t matter to the environment. I really made a mistake at that time. With the situation of environment increasingly sharpen, our sense of urgency are closed and closed. Maybe we can survive in this environment, but for the animals or the plants, how long can they survive in the world. Now, I throw the rubbish into the garbage can, even if a piece of paper.

We are the part of the nature. The steady environment had been broken because of the human activities. Vegetations of forests and grassland has degenerated or disappeared; biological diversities had become litter and litter; water loss and soil erosion and so on. These problems warn us that we have to regard the nature as our family. To control our developments and activities is the best way to get along with the nature harmoniously.

Human activities have brought the negative influences to the 60 percent of grass, farmland, and forests. One-third of the species are facing extinction; the one-fifth of the coral and one-third of red woods are destroyed; the diversities of animals and plants are decreasing.

Is this our earth now? No, it is just a place which is been invaded by the human being. If we continue to do like this, I believe the earth will be a planet without any smile and happiness. Is everyone wanted to own the environment? We just neglect the important one because of the life. When we pursue the high level life, the convenient way is to sacrifice environment.

But the good news is that the people are pay attention to the environment again. In my community, no matter the old man or the little kids, they can throw the garbage into the can.  The trees looked very well, everything develop in good direction. I think we can get the environment again one day.

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