It Was the Only Kiss and the Love I Have Ever Known
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It Was the Only Kiss and the Love I Have Ever Known

Published by: Ivy867 (22)
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I persist to see the movie what is the Heavily Forest of Japanese. I can never think before I will see the pure love in the world. Chengren has scar, so he needs to wipe the medicine to relieve itching. The medicine has a sting smell, so he always hides people that there were no friends of him. A girl named Jinliu who has rhinitis and odd character, wearing a glass and just like a children. She has no friends too. One day, they met because the same destiny. Chengren loved photography so much. He found a forest which it written: No Entry. Jingliu came after him. This forest belonged to them and became a secret of them. In the forest, Jingliu feed up the birds and Chengren took photography of them. It seemed that they find the friends of each other. One day, Chengren have a meal in the restaurant. A girl talked him who was very beautiful and he fallen in love with her secretly.

She invited him to together with them. The classmates have found Chengren and Jingliu walked closed. Chengren whitewashed their relationships in public people. Jingliu was very sad, and the more Chengren bring the girl to the forest. In the night, he told him:” I will be a woman, and have a nice stature.” Tomorrow morning, Jinliu compromised, she tried to make friend with that girl. She said:”I just loved what my love loved.” Chengren was invited to the wedding dress shows with the girl, he didn’t get the medicine because the smell.

At middle way, he cannot endure the inching, and at the same time, he found the medicine in the pocket which was prepared by Jinliu. He was so thank for her and asked her what she wants. She told him she just want a kiss. In the forest, they devoted their first kiss and took the photograph for the kiss. Chengren seemed realized that he may be loved Jinliu and want to keep this relationship. But after school, he found she had gone. Few years passed, he got a card from New York from Jinliu, according the address, and he found the place. But the truth is cruel, Jingliu had dead. He activated to her photograph shows. The photograph are all about him, he can’t understand how that girl love her deeply before, so he is. At the end of the house, he found the picture of Jingliu; she has changed a beautiful woman like she said. Under the photography of their kiss, there have wards: it was the only kiss…the love I have ever known…

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