Its Back to School Time So Boost Your Immune System
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Its Back to School Time So Boost Your Immune System

Published by: Marc Warner (5)
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It’s time for our kids to head back to the classrooms, back to the lunchrooms, playgrounds and hectic schedules. What this also means is… exposure to more germs! Yes, getting the kids out of the house and back to school is lovely, but we are also suspect to catching new viruses which could make the whole family sick.

Our immune systems naturally defend against infection and illnesses, but are challenged every day by germs and bacteria. Over seventy percent of pathogens which make us ill enter the body through the mouth and end up in the digestive tract, or gut, where toxins harbor. Left unchecked, these bad bacteria can cause mild to extreme illness.You can prepare yourself by boosting your body’s own immune defenses. ImmunoSmart helps keep you healthy by naturally enforcing your own body’s immune system and defenses to ward off upcoming sickness and illnesses carried by individuals and in public places.

The NutraSense Company in Lenexa, Kansas,carries a natural immune boosting supplement that the whole family can benefit from. ImmunoSmart is extremely effective in neutralizing a wide variety of bacterial and viral pathogens within the gut and boosts our own body’s ability to fight invading microorganisms. The active ingredient in ImmunoSmart(immunoglobulin or IgG) is an all-natural, patented protein isolate with over 80 clinical studies supporting its effectiveness and safety. ImmunoSmart goes to work immediately without being absorbed into the blood stream.

ImmunoSmart by NutraSensefunctions in the same manner as your own immune proteins. It is 2.5 times more concentrated and more consistent than colostrum, plus it’s completely non-dairy. There is no milk fat, lactose, or dairy allergens!

- Helps regulate and support the immune system

- Supports normal nutrient absorption

- Helps maintain intestinal balance and health

- Effective against E-Coli and Salmonella

- More efficient than colostrum, or Echinacea and vitamin C.

ImmunoSmart is on 50% off overstock clearance now and will soon expire. For detailed product information and research articles, please visit NutraSense. Enter IMM50 at the Check Out area for your half off bottle!

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The NutraSense Company offers a full line of nutritional supplements from vegetarian glucosamine to joint health care for pets. To buy glucosamine, or for more information about ImmunoSmartand other American made nutritional supplements, please visit

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