Keeping Your Home and Yard Safe With Brevard County Bee Control
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Keeping Your Home and Yard Safe With Brevard County Bee Control

Published by: Steve Lum (15)
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Florida residents have to put up with many (many) different kinds of pests. And there are very few of these pests the average Florida resident can get in their home and yard that are actually beneficial to the environment. Bees are one of them. As much of a pain as bees can be, they are a vital cog in the local ecosystem. Similar pests like hornets, yellow jackets and wasps are not quite as vital to the ecosystem and these more aggressive pests are more often than not, what people mistake for beneficial bees. If you think your property is under attack from bees, contact your local Brevard County bee pest control expert to come out and have the job done right. If you want to determine if a problem exists, follow these steps.

Bee or not two bees

Often times, people mistake honey bees with other nasty pests like wasps, yellow jackets and the like. Since just about everyone has a camera on their cell phone, head out and snap a picture of the pests you see. If you do have bees than the course of action you’ll take will be completely different than if you have wasps or yellow jackets. Bees have compact, fuzzy bodies while wasps and their ilk have longer, pointer bodies and are often much larger than the average bee. With bees, the bee control expert is going to try to move them, if you have wasps, the objective is going to be extermination.

Find the nest

If it turns out that you have bees, finding their resting place can be more difficult than if you have wasps. Bees can turn any empty container into a home while wasps tend to be much more into making their own. You can use steam to calm down bees so that hunting for a nest might be a bit less dangerous. Remember, unless you have an allergy, bees have a lot more to lose by stinging you than you do. Bees essentially commit suicide by stinging as the barbed stinger stays firmly embedded in the arm or leg of the person receiving the sting. A quick slap and the bee is no more. A wasp, on the other hand, can sting repeatedly and fly away unharmed.

Bee control can help

You don’t have to take on the danger of a bees nest or a giant wasps nest alone. Your local pest control expert is highly trained and can remove the threat from your home in one visit. If you do have bees, don’t kill them unless they become very aggressive. They do too much good. Call Slug-A-Bug, your Brevard County bee control and pest control expert to take care of it for you.

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