Know the Steps Involved in a Collision Repair Process
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Know the Steps Involved in a Collision Repair Process

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Did you meet with an accident? From collision to paid and repaired vehicle, the whole process can be confusing. To help simplify the process, we’ve featured a simple list of the steps involved in a collision repair process. Step 1: Once the accident occurs, make sure to do the following: - Take photos of the accident scene before any of the vehicles have moved. - Make sure everyone is safe and call an ambulance. - Exchange the contact information and other insurance details name, address, phone number, email address, insurance name and policy, and more with the other driver. - Contact the police and inform your insurance company about the accident. Step 2: If you have met with an accident and your car is severely damaged, it may not be drivable after the accident. So, tow your vehicle to an auto body repair shop in Federal Way to save more time and money. But, remember not to take the advice of your insurance company on the selection of the auto repair shop. They are entitled to work with any auto repair shop of your choice. Step 3: Once you choose an auto repair shop, get an estimate which will provide you an overall view of the approximate costs you need for the repair of your vehicle. If the cost of the repairs is more than the value of your vehicle, your insurance company may decide that your car is totaled. You do not need an appointment to get the estimate; hence, it must be obtained as early as possible. Step 4: After the approval on the estimate, schedule an appointment with the auto repair shop to perform auto body collision repair in Federal Way. You’ll have to sign a form to authorize the repairs, and you may owe your insurance company a deductible depending on your policy. Step 5: Once the appointment made is, the professionals at the auto body repair shop will check on the repairs to be made and disassembly the damaged areas. This will reveal hidden damage that will require a supplemental estimate to be completed and submitted to your insurance company for approval. Step 6: Different types of collision repairs will be carried out including, - Replacement of old, worn out, or broken parts - Structure repair - Auto glass repair and replacement in Federal Way - Body repairs - Painting and refinishing - Reassembly - Cleaning - Inspection Step 7: Once your vehicle is 100% ready, you can pick up your vehicle from the auto repair shop at your convenience.
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