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Levitra is right for you

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 Men feel introverted when they figure it out that they have erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction means you are incapable of sustaining erection longer enough for gratifying sexual intercourse. It may include a complete incapability to achieve erection or ejaculation, or an inclination to have short time of erections. The possible occurrence of erectile dysfunction is related with age. Occurrence is higher in men during the age of 60. It is also related with the men’s sedimentary lifestyle, poor diet, increase intake of alcoholic beverages, less physical exercises. Erectile dysfunction also is a result from different diseases such as diabetes mellitus and hypertension. Prostate surgery can result to this problem too.

Treatment for erectile dysfunctions has been out in the market for many years.  But the latest drug for the impotence is known as Levitra. This drug is prescribed to initiate and maintain required erection to achieve sexual intercourse.  The drug is manufactured by the Bayer Pharmaceuticals Company and marketed by GlaxoSmithKline and Schering-Plough. Levitra is a Phosphodiesterase inhibitor which works as a blocker of PDE5 enzyme which an increase of this specific enzyme will result to decrease Nitric oxide and leads to impotence. Basically, the Levitra reverses the situation. 

It decreases the PDE5 enzyme and increases the Nitric oxide and leads to penile erection. It also relaxes the penile muscle which permits an increase blood flow to the penis. There will be improved erection if there will be more blood flow to the penis.  Men should be aware that the drug should be taken one hour before the intercourse to give the drug enough time to be absorbed by the body and do its purpose. The drug will last depending on the person but it can last up to 4 hours.  But the men should seek medical attention when erection last more than (4) four hours because persistent penile erection or Priapism will injure the penis.  

It is not taken more than one tablet. If mistakenly doubled the dose, symptoms such as back pain, having issues with your vision and muscle pain should be identified so that you can tell your physician as soon as possible. You should not also alter the dose set by your physician except if the physician is the one who changed the prescription.  It can be taken with an empty or full stomach but a high fat meal can decrease the effect of the Levitra. You can also take a full glass of water upon taking the medication.  Notifying your prescribing physician about your medication you are taking, if any, for your heart disease or any disease that can potentiates a serious problem with the vital parts of your body such as the brain, heart, lungs, kidneys, liver or blood vessels. And report also other medications you are taking such as antacids.  

If you have any allergy, you should also tell the prescribing physician because you might have any allergic reaction to any components or ingredients of Levitra. But the good thing is you do not have a problem when you skipped a dose of this drug since it is taken as needed, you do not have to follow schedule for this drug. However, you should keep in mind that the drug should be kept and store at room temperature and away from direct heat so that the effect of the drug will not be altered. Cautious precautions while in the therapy of erectile dysfunction should be considered because there might a serious problem that will occur while taking the drug due to not complying with the proper use of the medication. You should also ask the prescribing physician the different side effects you will experience and inquire the signs and symptoms that needs prompt medical attention.

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