Louvered Doors can be Customized to Accentuate Any Home for Beauty and Practicality
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Louvered Doors can be Customized to Accentuate Any Home for Beauty and Practicality

Published by: Karen Hoffmann (11)
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Louvered doors can be comprised from many types of materials, but in order to enjoy all of the benefits that they have to offer, using top-quality solid hardwoods results in a finished product that is both unsurpassed in visual aesthetics as well as better suited to help you save on energy costs by regulating hot and cold temperatures throughout your home.  Wood is also a versatile material when it comes to the customization process which allows for endless design specifications that match your home’s unique dimensions and style perfectly.

Louvered Doors are Long-Lasting and can Help to Reduce Your Monthly Energy Bills

Louvered doors can be installed to your home’s interior or exterior.  While their aesthetic charm is abundant in either setting, the most practical benefits are enjoyed from exterior louvered doors.  With solid hardwoods that have a natural resiliency to water and the elements, wooden louvered doors are historically proven regulators of both hot and cold temperatures.  The louvers in your new door can block the harsh warming effects of the sun while also allowing for cooling cross-ventilation winds to pass through your home.  And with operable louvers installed in your new door, you can choose how much light you would like to allow or shutter.

Louvered doors comprised of top-quality, whole-cut pieces of solid hardwoods are also more likely to stand the test of time and hold their beauty throughout the elements with less recurring maintenance.  Some of the best choices of materials available currently are maple, oak, teak, poplar and cedar.

Louvered Doors Custom-Tailored for Your Home’s Unique Personality 

Louvered doors comprised of solid hard wood offer the added benefit of being fully customizable.  Everything from styles, patterns, finishes, paint and custom hardware can be chosen to create a unique and personal accent for your home’s exterior curb appeal or interior-decorated space.  The customization process is another added factor that aids in exterior louvered doors’ ability to regulate temperatures as well.  Doors can be crafted to fit any size of entryway as optimally as possible to lessen the likelihood of air seepage.  With so many custom options and practical benefits to be enjoyed with this lasting investment, it is clear to see why wooden louvered doors are an intelligent upgrade choice for your home.

Karen Hoffmann - About the Author:

Estate Millwork is a company that specializes in customizing long-lasting and beautiful louvered doors for any style of home. They use modern automation and regenerative forestation that reduces waste and keeps in line with current Eco-friendly construction methods while crafting wooden louvered doors.

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