Loving to Be Angry Will Accelerate Aging and Cause a Variety of Diseases for Women
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Loving to Be Angry Will Accelerate Aging and Cause a Variety of Diseases for Women

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The pace of life is faster and faster, while pressure is increasingly heavy. This has made many women who look as gentle as water become “explosive cartridge” that can be exploded once lighted. The temper of modern women is becoming worse and worse and being angry has become commonplace. They hardly imagine that being angry can make a woman ugly, accelerate aging and lead to various diseases.

Luo Weifang, medical director of China Academy of Chinese Medical Sciences, pointed that anger will lead to the disorders of female’s endocrine system, thus the body produces more cortisol. If the accumulation of this substance is too much in the body, it will affect the normal functioning of the immune cell function, reducing resistance, and thus causing illness. To be specific, being angry has 8 big hazards on women.

1.       Splash cool: When being angry, the increased blood of toxins in brain will stimulate the hair follicles, causing varying degrees of inflammation around the hair follicles. Then pigmentation problems arise.

2.       Irregular menstruation: Being angry and depressed will cause stagnation of liver qi, thus leading to irregular menstruation, irregular cycles, reduced by the amount, color dark red and other issues, even the arrival of amenorrhea or early menopause.

3.       Hurt breast: Being angry will cause the discomfort of liver qi and blood stasis as well as the occurrence of breast cancer and other diseases.

4.       Thyroid problems: Being angry will confuse the control center of endocrine system, so that excessive thyroid hormone secretion arises, thus leading to hyperthyroidism if last a long time.

5.       Accelerate brain aging: The cerebrovascular pressure increases when being angry. Blood contains the most toxins, and further accelerates brain aging.

6.       Gastric ulcer: Being angry will make sympathetic nerves exciting, which directly affects the heart and blood vessels, reducing gastrointestinal blood flow and slowing down peristalsis. If serious, it will cause gastric ulcer.

7.       Resulting in myocardial ischemia: A large amount of blood flowing toward the brain will decrease the blood supplied to the heart, thus causing a decrease in myocardial ischemia.

8.       Damage the immune system: When being angry, the brain commands the body create from cortisol transformed from cholesterol. If being accumulated too much in the body, it will impede the functioning of immune cells.

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