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Mesh belt dryer mesh belt dryer

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The steam mesh belt dryer of state 1, wherein every solitary of mentioned mesh belt dryer conveyors comprise a conveyor work (8a) and an unfilled work (8b), whereby mentioned conveyor runs type mentioned separation plane amid a respective stress chamber and exhaust chamber, and wherein mentioned unfilled work (8b) of one mesh belt dryer is arranged straight above a conveyor work (8a) of the respective neighboring reduced conveyor, mentioned conveyor runs (8a) and mentioned unfilled runs (8b) extending throughout the whole steam through-flow cross-sectional place amid mentioned respective stress chambers and exhaust chambers.

In the attention of conserving energy and slicing straight down the burdening belonging in the direction of environment, endeavours come going to be set up to create the previously large expenditure of main energy much more cost effective and ecologically seem by producing utilization of steam mesh belt dryer to the drying of pressed fibrous material, especially sugar beet cossettes. The steam essential for operating the steam mesh belt dryer can very easily be offered from the steam era crops previously current using the factories.

The steam cycles through an essentially closed loop circuit using the steam drier. However, that portion belonging in the direction of steam which could be extracted using the cycle and is also transformed by steam withdrawn using the product could possibly be directed to other apparatus to possess the ability to take advantage of the residual heat using the steam. For example, the steam could possibly be passed through heat exchangers for an evaporative crystallization, to possess the ability to accomplish an enhanced performance using using energy. By implies belonging in the direction of described arrangement and generate path belonging in the direction of mesh belt dryer, good after product is supplied in the direction of upper belt, the product is conveyed after which transferred to every solitary respective reduced belt.

Thus, the layer thickness belonging in the direction of product for the belts could possibly be adjusted to compare to the present drying specifications by individually adjusting the generate velocity belonging in the direction of belt to numerous pace as needed. Similarly, the complete digesting time belonging in the direction of product using the steam flow could possibly be adjusted greater than a tremendous range of values by different the movement velocity belonging in the direction of driven mesh belts in unison. The steam is directed through the stress plenum to all the belts in parallel, to make certain how the steam penetrating every solitary product layer for the separate mesh belt dryers comprises a comparable wetness absorption potential for all belts.

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