Milwaukee Students Undecided on a Major Choose Web Design
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Milwaukee Students Undecided on a Major Choose Web Design

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If you are a Milwaukee resident and you are considering college, or you are already enrolled but you don’t have a major, consider a major in web design. Milwaukee colleges offer majors in web design as well as other supporting classes in computer science that will teach you how to make a dynamic and engaging website that visitors will find attractive and useful.

Essential Web Design Skills

Milwaukee web design programs teach many useful skills. Aside from learning the basic HTML and XHTML, which are the building blocks of the structure of a web page, you will learn CSS, which is a language that allows you to add design elements to a webpage.

Beyond creating the website, you will also learn to write copy for the web. Milwaukee colleges offer many basic writing classes that can help you improve your grammar and writing skills. In addition, many colleges feature courses on writing for the web. These classes will teach you how to capture the audience’s attention and keep them on your page. Writing for the web is different from writing for print because readers have a more limited attention span and are looking for immediate gratification.

In addition, Milwaukee web design programs focus on teaching you how to make aesthetically pleasing websites. Attractive, well designed websites don’t happen by accident. They are carefully planned and designed to create the mood and theme that the business or organization wants to present to the user.

Additional Web Design Skills

Once you have learned the skills necessary to create a website, you can opt to learn additional languages to add additional functionality to the site. For example, some students choose to learn programming languages such as PHP, which supports forums on websites, or JavaScript, which adds the ability to resize windows or create a simple password script, among other things.

There is no end to the skills that you can learn as a web design major. At the end of your degree program, you will have a comprehensive portfolio of websites and you will have the knowledge necessary to create anything from a simple e-commerce site to a large site for a major corporation. Contact a Milwaukee college today to learn about enrolling in a web design program.

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