Most effective ways of choosing Employment law Solicitors
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Most effective ways of choosing Employment law Solicitors

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You will be agreeing with me that everyone cannot be knowledgeable in the employment laws of Dublin. There are employment law solicitors for this job. Employment law solicitors Dublin helps the corporate companies to formulate their contract for employees and in preparing the staff handbook according to Dublin’s employment rules. They are also equally helpful for the employees as they can look towards them for right legal advice.

Usually Employment law solicitors have sufficient experience and skills, which requires in dealing with legal matters. They help both employer and employees by putting need of both together and also ensure that no one can breach the terms and conditions of contract. Employees who find it difficult to work in their office environment due to some problems related to employment often takes legal help from employment law solicitors. Most important thing is to hire a professional employment law solicitor who can deliver quality work. Most effective ways through which you can choose a quality employment law solicitor are as follows:

Checking their website:

First step which you should do after you find employment law solicitors is that you should check their website as this will give you an idea whether or not they are having enough experience in your desired employment area. Also, ensure that there are regularly updating their website or not according to employment law.

Fix Initial Meeting:
In meeting you should ensure that the solicitor which will be handling your case is not a trainee or other junior level solicitor of the firm. Talk to him and ask him about the estimated cost of claiming process. What he thinks about the possible outcome and what should be the case strategy.

Assess personality of solicitor:

After a face-to-face meeting you will be able to assess the personality and decide whether he will be perfect for your case or not.

Shop around and Recommendation for time limits:

Some employments claim have strict limit of time in which they should be brought before employment tribunal. Most cases like unfair dismissal and other discrimination claims have three months of time in which you have to bring your claim in front of tribunal court. Also, check that your solicitor can help you in getting any recommendations or not from any reputable referral firm if pushed for time.

Experience and practicing certificate:

Ask the solicitor about their experiences in the desired employment field and make sure that solicitor you are going to hire have a valid certificate for solicitation from Solicitor’s Regulation Authority.


Locality of Employment law solicitors also matters as in this case you will be to arrange a face-to-face meeting with them if you will have any concerns and confusion regarding your claim.

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