Multivitamins are More Suitable for the Elderly and Children to Take after Meals
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Multivitamins are More Suitable for the Elderly and Children to Take after Meals

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Vitamins are essential trace elements of the body. But according to the recent report of “Indian Times”, if simply taking a certain kind of vitamin, it may cause harm to the body because of overdose. For example, the overdose of vitamins A, vitamin D, etc. may cause gastrointestinal disorders and other problems.

If the body has the symptom of a certain vitamin deficiency, you should have the corresponding single vitamin supplement under the guidance of a doctor, so generally the larger the dose will make you recover quickly. But if there is no obvious symptom, you can choose to take multivitamins. Multivitamin is a dose of synthetic compound formulated by a variety of vitamins according to a certain dosage proportion, which can allow a variety of vitamins to “live together peacefully” and maximize its effectiveness. In addition, the multivitamin is convenient to take.

For healthy adults, a reasonable diet can provide a variety of vitamins that the body needs, without additional supplement. But for the elderly and children, their intake of food is limited. Their absorption of vitamins is often inadequate, thus being lack of several vitamins at the same time often appear.

Multivitamin is not only rich in vitamins species but also convenient to take. And the low dosage can effectively prevent abdominal discomfort, diarrhea, bleeding, secondary lack and other problems caused by duplication and overdose of taking medicine, which is a good choice for vitamin supplements of the elderly and children.

You should select the multivitamins which meet the standard non-prescription drugs specifications issued by Ministry of Health and supply according to the reasonable dosage recommended by doctors or nutritionists. Fat-soluble vitamins such as vitamin A can be absorbed by the gastrointestinal mucosa when being dissolved in fat. If you take multivitamins with an empty stomach, they will be discharged from the faeces before your body has a chance to absorb from. Therefore, vitamins should be eaten after a meal.

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