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The word Islam refers to a religion reflecting peace and submission. It teaches all humanity the source of finding peace in heart, soul and deed. Muslim is an individual who believes in and follows Islam. To become a Muslim it is quite necessary to build faith on God, Angels, all Prophets, and reveled books and after life. There are five pillars of Islam that should be followed, must have faith and good works go hand in hand on all of them. Testimony of faith, prayer, zakat, fasting and hajj are the main pillars which every Muslim should consider before doing anything in life, as an act of worship if it is done according to Allah’s guidance. The main concept of Islam is to worship Allah and follow His teachings spreading the message of Iman (Faith). Muslims follow their lives solely in accordance with the worship and prayers. Islam teaches them to create a balance in their daily lives by fulfilling the obligations and principles of religion. Instead of totally putting the life on the path of worshipping God, He commands His followers to run all the social and moral duties with full honesty and dedications. Balancing life with morals and manners, business ethics, modesty in dress and behavior, avoid discrimination and building relationships with non-Muslims, dietary rules, marriage, children and wives duties many more.

Muslim believe in Allah must know the faith upon Him is the foremost and important in completing Islam and gaining full command over religion. They should know without it they won’t be able to full fill all the conditions applied to become a Muslim. The root of Islam teaches calmness /peace; which means peace of mind and soul which can only be achieved through trustworthiness and trustfulness upon Allah and considering Him being Sovereign. Muslims beliefs about Allah, believing upon His blessing are equality to having a belief upon Him. The question arises.? how do Muslims worship Allah?? Quran is the assurance based upon reason and knowledge, urges an individual to accept it with full mental and intellectual conviction. Muslim Momin is one who accepts the worships and a Muslim believes in Allah in such a way that it occupies all commandments in his daily life to safeguard, peace and security of rest of the mankind. Muslim culture reflects the Muslim customs and Muslim traditions they adopted to lead a respectable life which is according to Quran and Sunnah. muslimchoice is a complete website of Muslim customs.

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