Omega Speedmaster – The First and Only Watch Worn on the Moon
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Omega Speedmaster – The First and Only Watch Worn on the Moon

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Omega Speedmaster, which has embraced an enriching history of more than 50 years, is the first and only watch worn on the moon by NASA for the Project Apollo.

Hence, the extraordinary feat has earned itself the nickname as moon watch. To be a pioneer in space exploration and fulfill its mission, the Speedmaster had to go through NASA’s stringent tests including vacuum, corrosion, acceleration, vibration, noise, etc, which failed a lot of venerable watch manufacturers such as Rolex, TAG Heuer, Breitling, Longine, etc. July 21 st, 1969 had witnessed the milestone of the Space Program when Apollo 11 landed on Mars. Also, it was the most commemorative year for Omega since it was the first timepiece to be brought to the moon.

In 1970, the Speedmaster made great contributions again to the Wrecked Apollo 13 spacecraft for its lunar module and the on-board computerized timing devices had been out of operation. And it was employed to time the secondary rocket burns so as to take the wrecked Apollo 13 spacecraft back to Earth.

In 1978, it welcomed its great victory again when being appointed by NASA as the official wristwatch for the imminentSpace Shuttle missions. It has liven up to its fame and pass through a new series of rigorous tests arranged by NASA. Admittedly, the Omega Speedmaster must be one of the most thoroughly tested watches in the realm of watchmaking.

It was able to stand rigid and frequent testing, writing a new chapter in watchmaking industry as the only watch “Flight Qualified by NASA for all Manned Space Missions”. But maybe the most treasured essence of the Speedmaster is that it can always withstand the test of time. It remains the only flight-qualified watch by NASA for even more than 50 years after it was first debuted. Omega Speedmaster Day Date   Omega Speedmaster Professional   Omega Speedmaster Reduced

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