Organization of the Childhood Education
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Organization of the Childhood Education

Published by: Fernando Gonsales (2)
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The sources of the content of school education is either culture or social experience. But the content of social experience taken as a whole, yet does not specify the content of education in school. In social or cultural experience one should find more defined sources, which form the content of school education. These factors determine the selection of material, the principles of designing and building it into an appropriate structure. Those factors are the science, production material and spiritual wealth, the experience of social relations, spiritual values, forms of social consciousness, human activities (cognitive, communicative, and value-orientation, fiction).

Acquisition the educational material content of these sources are based on specific historical and psychological requirements. Under these conditions the content of social experience is exposed to the pedagogical process. It is shown from the perspective of its value and necessity to ensure the active participation after school graduation and for solving problems of mental properties and qualities of children’s personality.

Finally, while building the educational content wa taken into account the requirements of children individuality, their abilities, talents and interests. Now the content of general education provides other than mandatory subjects and educational items for free choice, to which students can express their own interest. This approach promotes the development of deep professional interests, aptitudes of students.

As a subject of public life it applies to secure and extend the existence of human generations, to achieve interoperability between space, planets and ourselves to achieve ecological balance.The second group of people spheres of interaction provides for a system of social relations - industrial, legal, moral, and other subjects of public consciousness.  When  child  understands itself as a social being, responsible to the people, society, our own conscience. Kids try to achieve a comfortable position in the social, economic, national, legal, moral, property, interpersonal relations. And all that influence the aims of education and pedagogy.

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