Originally I Thought I Could Have Those
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Originally I Thought I Could Have Those

Published by: Toryyang (355)
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I remember before, I was always speaking to myself without stopping, and it seemingly became my mantra: do not give up now, do not give up family, do not give up love, and do not give up the friendship.

However, for the family, their quarrels have become numb in my heart. Every time I hear them arguing, I’ll piercing roar, roar to them to stop before I stop. I know they are older, I cannot speak to them like that, but I could not help, I do not want to hear them arguing. Every time hearing their arguing, I want to roar, but they always argue because of a little small thing. I think my roar can stop bickering, but no, they still often continue to fight; I thought I could do that but failed.

For friendship, looking back, we are so happy, talking and laughing, eating something together, and we together sing the songs, discuss all, and make jokes on others. Do you remember? That time, we were placed in different classes. We took a day o holding a book and then exchanged. We were naïve then. We were students but also good friends, I think we could be together forever, but now separated, we do not know how to contact.

In love, I am a loser. After a death-like love, only to find that only I pay more attention to the part love. I finally give up, and bury him in the bottom of my heart. Then I completely go out of the love, because I was hurt too deep. I do not want to touch the love, and I will only make friends with the one I like in the future. That will not lose. I thought I could have happy life, I think there will be a really love to me, but everything is false.

Maybe I really do not cherish well or perhaps that I should not get that. I do not know will the lost beautiful family, friendship and love come back to me. Who can tell me? Now I really did not dare to believe that so-called love. Who can do to comfort my wounded heart?

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