Parents keen to hire skilled nannies
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Parents keen to hire skilled nannies

Published by: Dirk Rowell (64)
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A lot of parents now make use of a full-time nanny, after school nanny or other such childcare specialists and new research suggests that mums and dads are keen to benefit from the best such experts around.

According to a study conducted by payroll provider Nannytax, nannies are now expected to be multi-skilled, with parents keen for their children to engage in activities like painting, sports, academic subjects, foreign languages and arts and crafts while being looked after in their absence.

In total, 1,244 nanny employers and 95 nanny agencies were polled and it was found that more than three-quarters of parents want a childcare expert who offers skills in addition to traditional childcare.

Meanwhile, it was also found that in 2011, the most sought after type of childcare providers were part-time, live-out nannies, such as providers of after school nanny services. However, a lot of parents still rely on having a full-time nanny to help them cope.

It was found that nearly eight percent of households surveyed employed a full-time employee to help them look after their children.

The firm also discovered that 2.4 per cent of those questioned either were employing or had in the past employed male nannies, showing that it is not only women who fulfil these roles.

Commenting on the findings, Tracey Kneale from Nannytax said: “The 2011 Nannytax Wages Survey shows that the UK nanny industry continues to develop and thus ensures that it keeps up with the needs of modern households. Not so long ago, nannies were seen as exclusively for the rich but they are becoming an increasingly accessible childcare solution for more and more working families.“

She added: “This is largely due to nannies being willing to work flexible and part-time hours and to offer nannyshare arrangements, where a nanny looks after children from two or more families.“

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