Poor body image will not spoil your love life anymore
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Poor body image will not spoil your love life anymore

Published by: Steven Clark (64)
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Sex life is one problem that has rocked the lives of people for a long time now. It has been one of the main determinants of healthy and peaceful love life. Without a good sex life, day to day activities are also misplaced as the night spent has been really terrible. There are various ways in which the lack of sex life affects the life of individuals. First of all it makes their spirit really low. This lowered self esteem makes them very weak morally and they become unable to carry out any work properly. The feeling of rejection and criticism from one’s partner is one that is really painful.

There are several reasons that are responsible for this condition fraught with fewer libidos. Fatigue is one that really affects one’s libido level. It makes the body extremely tired making one unable to have a passionate sexual intercourse. There are several hormonal changes that lead to such fall in the libido also. Due to certain imbalances in the hormone secretion, such imbalances occur. I woman though, medical conditions and obesity are the two main reasons for the lack of sex drive.

Obesity happens due to the excess fat in the body and medicals conditions like kidney disorder, heart disorder affect the condition of impotence.

The sexual conditions of the body also affect the sexual drive. When there is pain during the intercourse the individuals might develop decreased libido as they already have the concept of having pain at that point. Drugs and alcohol are also very effective in lowering the sex drive. People with more and more of alcohol intake negatively affect their systems and suffer from the problem of erectile dysfunction. Erectile dysfunction is a problem that the males develop wherein they find extreme difficulty in attaining erection. Depression also to a large extent affects the sex life as it creates havoc to the mental state of a person.

Depression also leads to problems in the relationships. Thus leading to yet another set of problems in the sexual life. Drugs and alcohol consumption are other reasons for the lack of proper sex drive. Too much of drug consumption badly affects the sex life of a person. Another reason for the fall in the libido level is the intake of other heavy medicines. Pills like anti impotence are the ones that work towards decreasing the sexual urges of an individual. However, among all this the one factor that is often neglected and plays a very important role is the fact regarding poor body image of a person. If a man is not sexually aroused by looking at his partner then getting into a sexual intercourse with her is tough. The way a woman looks determines a lot about her sexual life. If the partner is not good looking and does not have attractive body parts, she in no way is able to pull her boyfriend towards herself.  There are various medications that can help one out of such a situation. Pills like Generic Viagra, Kamagra and Kamagra Jelly are really helpful in bringing back the sexual energy that you once had.

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