Popular North Indian Lunch by Indian Restaurant in Bracknell
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Popular North Indian Lunch by Indian Restaurant in Bracknell

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Popular North Indian Lunch North Indians lunch are rich in dairy products such as desi ghee, fresh cream, paneer, and etc..Some North Indian dish are take long lime to cook and it involves many complicated steps in it the most of North Indian Lunch are serve with lassi, paneer, chaos and milk-based desserts like kulfi, kheer.there are some dish are there which melt-in-the-mouth such as Kesar flavored phirni, makhanmalai and etc. And because of its mouthwatering taste, it became popular in Bracknell too. And it made a vital position in Bracknell Foods list. Many family restaurants in Bracknell which are especially popular for authentic Indian food in Bracknell serve various foods from different states. There are Some Indian restaurant in Bracknell which also provides Indian food takeaway Bracknell. Some Popular North Indian Lunch : Dhokla : Dhokla was prepared by Rice and Chana dal which was socked and grounded into a fine paste and added with some spices such as chili pepper, coriander, and ginger. Dhokla was mostly served with fired chilly and chutney made of coriander Rogan Josh : Rogan Josh is valley signature dish and this Rogan JoshOrigin was Kashmir. This dish one of all-time favourite dish among meat lovers. The main Ingredients are meat and pure ghee Chicken Dum Biryani : Chicken Dum Biryani Is one of the delicious dishes which can easily prepare at home. It main Ingredients are chicken and spices which is garnished with ginger juliennes and green chilies CholeBhature : CholeBhature is Punjabi based dish which is delicious and Mouth-watering meal. It main Ingredients are spice such as cinnamon, bay leaf, cloves, cumin seeds, green and black cardamom and etc.. Stuffed Bati : This Rajasthanibasedlunch which is cooked in ghee and it served with dal and chutney. Bati is normally stuffed with spices and paneer. NihariGosht : NihariGoshtMuslims traditional dish. NihariGosht is from Mughals royal kitchen. And the traditional meaning of Nihari is slowly cooked mutton stew. It Origin was Awadhi kitchen of Lucknow. KoshaMangsho : KoshaMangsho is a Bengal version of mutton curry which contains more gravy and traditionally koshamangsho was prepared at Kali Puja celebration Butter Chicken : Butter Chicken is a delicious chicken dish where the roasted chicken is cooked well in tomato puree, masala, and cream where it is mostly served with Naan Queen’s Kitchen is one of the well-known family restaurants in Bracknell which serves all types of Indian food in Bracknell UK and they also make available takeaway food Bracknell. If you too want to taste popular north Indian lunch or Indian food takeaway Bracknell and thinking about an Indian restaurant near me, then contact us right away – best Indian restaurant in Bracknell.
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We at Queen’s Kitchen, serve Authentic Indian cuisine, prepared with touch of tradition & culture. We use traditional herbs & spices used across various regions of India. Our restaurant serves quality food and best service. Our Chefs are from the Indian sub-continent with vast experience in the food Industry across various parts of globe. Our restaurant’s warm ambience and quick service has always provided good custoimer satisfaction and we can guarentee the great Indian food taste in Bracknell.
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