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Qualir Car owners first choice

Published by: Rayban (98)
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Qualir Car owners’ first choice!

With increased use of Internet, a lot of people nowadays prefer to shop online because it is so convenient and easy and there is a wide range of products and services. Take this advantage, some online franchised stores which sell car accessories or car electronic products are growing up.

Qualir, one of such e-shops, is becoming more and more attractive and popular among car owners. Once you owned a car, next step you will think that how to make your driving more safety and enjoyable. Some car accessories or car electronics may be helpful to you. But where to buy? Now i will recommend you a website which i visited half a year ago, it is called Qualir. Qualir is an online franchised store where you will find a wide variety of car products. It only focus on in-car entertainment or multi-media system and auto electronic accessories, so it is more professional and helpful to buyers.

Car DVD players, especially multi-functional ones, can make your driving much more interesting and enjoyable instead of tiring and boring; When you own a car GPS navigation system, you will be confident that you’ll never be lost again. Above two are necessary installation for your car. What’s better, it not only have universal ones but also special ones for almost all car brands and you can have a choice depending on your own situation. Of course, there are many other car electronics here, such as car cameras, headrest monitor, Bluetooth Car kit and more. Qualir also provides some automotive tools and car accessories.

Quality and price are usually consumers’ first consideration. All of the products here are brand new and top quality, because it just cooperate with powerful manufacturers who have reputation and advance with the times. Products that arrive at the warehouse will be tested and will be checked again with optional accessories before shipment. All the products are directly from the factory and the price is much cheaper. Different models with different price here can meet the needs of different levels. Qualir can ship your items out within 2-4 business days after order is placed. Shipping is by courier such as FedEx, UPS, DHL, by air mail, or by bulk freight forwarder. So it is safety and punctual.

It provides full after-sales service to the whole sale customers. If you have any question, you can connect it by e-mail, telephone, living chat and it will reply to you within the shortest time. You are free to comment on the products or service. And Qualir welcomes you to give it more suggestions so that it can greatly satisfy different car owners’ needs.

Once you came to Qualir, you will find that it is really a professional and helpful online franchised store for your love car. Welcome to here and experience the products and service first-hand! Thus you may believe what Qualir’s slogan said: Qualir-car owners’ first choice!

Rayban - About the Author:

Qualir Automobile Electronics Co., LTD, founded in 1998, aims to create automobile owners's drive more quickly and cosily by providing automobile electronics of Good quality and Reliability. In May 1998, Qualir started to create and generate Car CD, VCD Players and property CD,DVD Players. In March 2003, Qualir began to develop and create Automobile Mp3 players, automotive toolsCar DVD Players,and effectively developed Auto DVD Players with Built-in GPS function in 2004. In June 2007, Qualir made the decision to create a platform for direct wholesale of Auto electronics. In September 2007, car accessories Qualir's wholesale Dept was successfully founded and our on the internet wholesale shop www.AutoDVDGPS.com was lastly completed.  auto electronic accessories

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