Reason of the Occurrence of impotence in male
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Reason of the Occurrence of impotence in male

Published by: Steven Clark (64)
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Impotence is an age old malady in male. In the earlier times impotence was considered to be a mental sickness. However, there has been a number of scientific observations have been made whereby it is seen that impotency is not mental instead it has serious physical lacuna.

One of the main reasons for such dissatisfaction is the male incapability commonly known as Erectile Dysfunction. In such a situation, men cannot achieve the erection in the penis region and if at all they cannot retain it for a longer time. This dysfunction creates a lot of trouble for couples and affects both men and women.

There are various reasons behind this situation. However the most common being Lack of proper food intake, obesity, diabetes and other hormonal changes in person. Additionally, if the individual is already taking high dosage medicines it affects his sexual capabilities.

Excess of alcohol and tobacco consumption also leads to impotency level. Another huge reason for this kind of situation is the growing obesity in people due to the fast paced life that they deal. It is very common to see overweight men and women today and most people today are obese. It has become one of the lifestyle disorders which remain quite dormant. It has been revealed that being obese can affect your erectile functions as well. This is really a serious issue and needs to be addressed with proper care. There are various factors which lead to Impotence in men and it differs from person to person. Obesity is one amongst them.

With a decreased libido, sexual urges are lowered. It is therefore advised that your take care of your health by exercising    regularly and eating low calorie diet. The food you eat matters a lot and helps you in toning down your body and making you fit enough.

Consumption of drugs like anti depressants, neurological disorders like spinal chord an d brain injuries, nerve disorders such as Parkinson’s disease, Alzheimer’s disease, multiple sclerosis, and stroke are various reasons behind a persons lack of sexual capabilities. There are several Psychological causes behind impotency as well. Quite often men suffer from Performance anxiety, stress, mental disorders (clinical depression, schizophrenia, substance abuse, panic disorder and various other negative feelings.

In such complex situation, impotency can be treated best with medications such as generic Viagra. This blue pill enables free flow in the blood vessels of the penis and increases the ability to achieve maximum erection. Generic Viagra is as good as the patented brand name and is found for a fraction of money that is invested in buying the brand. The main chemical component of Generic Viagra is sildenafil citrate that works by stretching blood vessels and increasing their blood flow, thus enabling an erection to occur once a man is sexually stimulated.

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