Research firm said the cost of Apple iPhone 4
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Research firm said the cost of Apple iPhone 4

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Technology research firm iSuppli said, after Apple’s iPhone4 dismantling analysis, the estimated cost of parts and material is $ 187.51. News on June 28th, technology research firm iSuppli said, after Apple’s iPhone 4 dismantling analysis, the estimated cost of parts and materials is $ 187.51. iPhone 4 officially went on sale on June 24th, have called “retinal display“(Retinadisplay) 3.5-inch LCD screen. The most expensive LCD screen, up to $ 28.50, and should be the world’s No. 2 liquid crystal display (LCD) manufacturer LGDisplay manufacturing. iPhone 4 sells for $ 199, 32GB version for $ 299. The price estimates do not include labor, transportation, advertising, software development or patent applications and other expenses. iPhone (wholesale iPhone cases) in the gyroscope chip is used to detect the three-dimensional perception of motion, so that users can experience the game more realistic sense. iSuppli said, these chips to STMicroelectronics products, valued at $ 2.60. Touch panel LCD screen cover (cheap iPhone case) may be provided by the two companies, one of which is the Taiwan Sheng Hua, another joint venture in Germany TPK-Balda. Other parts sources, including wireless chip maker Skyworks Solutions, and three cell semiconductor (TriQuint Semiconductor) (TQNT-US) and so on. To (2009) estimated that in iSupple, iPhone3GS cost about $ 179, Keller said that starting from that time, and material price will drop to 134 dollars. iPhone 3GS (wholesale iPhone accessories) current price is 99 dollars.

Following last week’s the Reporter of Nandu found that there was iPhone 4 after the listing in the revitalization of the telecommunications Street, Zhongshan Telecom, this week there are multiple channels to sell iPhone 4 of telecom version.

Reporters noted that although there were many number of agents had telecom version of iPhone 4 in the sale, but the price and package was inconsistent. In Zhongshan, a real estate sale on the weekend, the price of iPhone 4 is $639, and $463 presented the bill, and you shall select $7.3 package, but also the $30 fee for write code. If you had used telecommunications numbers, to buy bare metal need $595, and $30 fee for write code.

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