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Resize an Image and Crop It-A Professional Advice

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A professional only can give the right guidance to resize an image and also crop it. When an image with higher resolution is used the speed of the page (loading) gets affected. A viewer does not spend more than 3 seconds waiting for a page to load. If an image (or series of image) takes long to appear, the client has lost a potential customer. 

Hence he needs photo editing tools to use the same pictures but with speed. Each image goes under the scanner (i.e editing table) and gets resized by the professional designer. Instead of the HTML method, the Photoshop tools are likely to give better results. Another good tip is to use a single image in text if it is absolutely necessary. This will also increase the speed of the loading of the web page. Pictures take a lot of space on the server. Avoid this (server) crash course and resize.

Resize an image is a good and a bad option, depending on several reasons. In the hands of an amateur the resizing job can come a cropper. Hence it needs to be handled by someone who is familiar with the use of the right kinds of tools in Photoshop.   Resizing is also needed when a group of pictures are in different formats and they need to be turned into one single format. The most familiar formats of pictures are JPEG, BMP, TIFF, PNG, PSD, GIF, and TGA, RAW. A single image may be required for the website, social media site, print, e mail, cell phone, blog, or a catalogue. One formatting that fits all media is a good reason for resizing too.

Although there are several free programs that have the feature of resizing, the Photoshop is the best. It is the most sophisticated and professional tool for the best final output. It has to retain its quality also. The best way to do is to make a duplicate of the original picture. Select the resize measurements. There are several sizes that can be used. Edit and then check if the same quality is retained. If not go back and undo and redo the entire process. It is easier to reduce the size of big pictures. But to increase the size of a smaller image to a larger one is difficult. It tends to blur or crack. Caution needs to be exercised to maintain the original look. The new size should be experimented first, may be cropping is also needed.

There are times when cropping avoidable parts is required. It is a simple deletion for a professional editor. A full profile can be cropped and reduced to a mug shot. The possibilities are endless. The crop selection in the menu will appear and give an indication how the image might look in its final stage. Nice the resizing and cropping are done the new picture can be saved. It is one thing to buy a cheap or download a free program and redo it yourself. But when resizing services are available cheaper rates, it is best left for the professional. There are many offshore photo editing companies that do such jobs for clients. They have many designers who can use the best of tools to bring the right final resized image

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