Review of Michael Mina RN74 Restaurant in San Francisco
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Review of Michael Mina RN74 Restaurant in San Francisco

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Just down Mission Street, in the SoMa/Financial District in Millennium Tower, is a Michael Mina restaurant I’ve heard of from some of my friends, and I finally made the time to visit the city’s premiere residential tower to try the food at RN74.

We walk in, and suddenly it’s like we’re in a European train station; RN74 is a train that travels through the Burgundy wine region in France. Michael Mina has put together a great theme, but the decor contributes without overdoing it. The high columns and ceiling with this sort of industrial, modern, construction. The layout of the place is very well done. The main dining area is bright and well-lit, while the lounge adjacent to the bar is more romantically dimmed.

Seating is comfortable and thankfully reflects the luxury of the Millennium Tower, rather than the train station. The highlight was the wine list, a big board with flip lettering, just like what’s used to post the train schedules. They have train tickets for napkin holders; again, a nice train station theme without overdoing it.

Service was very attentive, just like we would expect from a Michael Mina restaurant. For appetizers, the table bread is excellent with the Beef Carpaccio. The mushroom tempura was very good, with a nice light crispy batter and mild, tasty mushrooms. Do not skip the cheese soufflé. This is the perfect appetizer. I could have gone home after that and said it was a wonderful night.

Our server was able to describe wines in detail and make a great suggestion. He kept our water glasses full and even though the room was busy we never felt neglected or stalked. Our group had duck, roast chicken and ribeye steak. The figs and bacon were a great addition to the chicken, and the cornbread, while not French, was good too. The steak was very good, juicy. Lastly: Best. Duck. Ever. The breast was nicely seared and juicy, and the bean cassoulet was outstanding. Dishes like this are the proof of a great chef.

I had not intended on ordering dessert, but the rest of the party made it clear they were not leaving without it. The Chocolate Peanut Butter Delice was absolutely heavenly. Something about roasted banana, chocolate, and ice cream just sends me aloft. The beignets were perfectly crisp and the caramel was beautiful to the eye and tongue.

All in all we had a fantastic time and excellent food. This is a great place for making memories and enjoying the best of San Francisco in the heart of SoMa, at the base of the most luxurious high rise on the West Coast. Business lunch, too, just as soon as I can find an excuse for one.

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