Rip Stream Audio and Transfer It to Proper Music Format
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Rip Stream Audio and Transfer It to Proper Music Format

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Compared with previous years, more and more people watch videos and listen to the music on mobile phones when waiting for the bus and staying in some public places. The arrival of 3rd-generation dramatically promotes the development of entertainment on the phone, especially the iPhone which is popular in recent years.

We recommend FlashRip which is an easy-to-use powerful stream ripper, recorder, sniffer and converter. It can rip streaming media and save music from music site. It also captures video streams playing on the browser, save and transfer the files to the required format. For example, download online music from mixcloud and transfer it to .mp3 format. The site mixcloud provides a platform for listening the best radio presenters and DJs in the world.

How to rip songs and convert them?


Download and install FlashRip. After installation, launch it and click the round blue button on top of the left side and it will begin to rip stream media. FlashRip consist of three parts, they are files, rip stream status and convert status.


Launch the browser, and enter into the mixcloud website. In a short time, the files and rip stream status will appear on the list. Even if the music browser is closed, FlashRip could continue to rip the songs once the audio streams are catched by this software.

If the audio url has already been captured, you just need to position the cursor in the file, right-click the mouse, and select ‘Enter the URL to rip’ item, and paste the url into the box. Click ‘OK’, FlashRip will rip the songs.


When music ripping finished, we need to transfer the format to .mp3. Take .wmv music format for instance. You can find there is a pull-down menu at the bottom of this software interface, choosing the .mp3 format option from the menu.


Select the rip finished file, click the right button of mouse and select ‘Convert selected files’. If the converting process finished, a small green tick mark will appear under the ‘Convert Status’ list. Open the default folder, you will find the files being saved there.

The above are the whole procedure of ripping music and converting format from mixcloud. Then just need to save the music files to the phone, listening music everywhere on the phone could be immediately realized. Besides ripping music, FlashRip can rip videos, movies either. People will have a lot of fun with the advanced mobile phone function and kill time at the boring moment.

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