Sarasota Students Undecided on a Major Choose Criminal Justice
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Sarasota Students Undecided on a Major Choose Criminal Justice

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Florida high school students checking out Sarasota colleges might want to choose those that offer criminal justice degree programs. Students who want to help others and learn skills that can help them make a direct impact on society should think about majoring in criminal justice. The field of criminal justice continues to expand as technology used to apprehend and rehabilitate offenders grows. Students in this kind of program can learn why people engage in criminal behavior and how they can be rehabilitated.

Learn Why Offenders Offend

People who have never had up close experience with others on the wrong side of the law may find it fascinating that some elements of crime exist in the world. However, rather than condemning them, these students learn to identify the risk factors involved in criminal behavior and how sociological aspects tie into a life of crime. Rather than judge them, students are taught to empathize with these offenders and learn ways to rehabilitate them.

A person who majors in criminal justice usually takes classes in psychology and sociology. They are taught that people respond to life differently and are influenced by different sociological factors. They also learn that the mindset of each person differs from those around them. No two people are alike and thus, no two offenders are alike. They may learn that punishment and rehabilitation for each criminal can be a subjective process, one that takes years to complete, if it is completed at all.

Outside Clinical Experiences

They learn to empathize and to understand the criminal justice world by undertaking clinical experiences either as part of their degree program for credit, or through a job or volunteer experience. They might be assigned to working in a prison or a halfway house. They work under the supervision of professional staff; however, they relate their experiences to their professors.

As they progress through the major, they might choose to add another aspect of study into their program. For example, rather than working in a prison, some students might decide to take classes that explore the legal aspect of the criminal justice system. They can decide to focus more on law classes than the corporal aspect of the field. Even if they never pursue a career in the field, majoring in criminal justice allows high school seniors to make a positive impact on society through their career choices, or though simply changing their own attitudes about the criminal justice system.

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