Search Appliances Can Revolutionize Your Company Network Search Needs
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Search Appliances Can Revolutionize Your Company Network Search Needs

Published by: Karen Hoffmann (11)
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Whether you run a small, family owned business or a large-scale corporation, data storage and recovery is an integral part of your everyday operation.  Search appliances are sophisticated pieces of hardware that offer a quick and easy answer that outperforms software-only solutions due to the fact that they are specifically engineered to perform one task at the highest level possible.     

Search Appliances versus Software-only Solutions

Some businesses do not see the need of purchasing another piece of hardware for their data recovery needs, and opt to use a software-only solution.  Software-only solutions, however, fall short of optimally performing the task at hand due to their high learning curve and also because they need to be installed on computers that are already running numerous other programs at once.  Network search appliances are more efficient due to the fact that they are engineered to perform just one task at the highest rate possible.  This eliminates clutter and confusion and results in an easily understandable piece of hardware that can perform at lightning speeds in any business’ customized setup.  Additionally, search appliances come in many different models that suit just about any size of budget.  In the long run, even free software-only solutions can cost more to a business with third-party technical consulting fees in addition to just the extra time that it takes to perform search queries with them.

Search Appliance Versatility

Because of their seamless engineering and simple implementation, enterprise search appliances can be custom tailored to suit any size of business, as well as offering the versatility to grow with that business and its needs.  If your company outgrows the limits of your entry-level appliance, then upgrading is as simple as adding another piece of hardware to your rack mount. 

Regardless of the data format of your files, chances are that they will be compatible with your new network search appliance as well.  They can handle all types of file extensions such as mySQL, Oracle, HTML, Office, PDF and SQLServer.  Certain pieces of hardware can even browse third-party sites and offer unlimited storage and collections.

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