Sex a cure or a cause of migraine attacks
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Sex a cure or a cause of migraine attacks

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The sore pain caused by migraines is unbearable and disturbing for many of us. These migraine attacks often mess up the fun at bed. Many couples often miss sex owing to the discomfort caused by migraines and headaches.

A new research however suggests that go for sex and migraine will disappear from the picture. Though this study might sound weird or mind- boggling, varied researches and experiments support it and claim it to be true. This includes the production of chemicals that are produced during the intimate act that work to make one feel good.  Serotinin has a major role to play. Dr. Alexander Mauskop from the New York Headache Center is known to be quoted that the release of endorphins during the attainment of orgasm also enables one to free oneself from these headaches.   The blood circulation increases and the entire body receives ample amount of blood. It’s also revealed that a pleasing sex is many times more powerful than those medications lined up. They also work instantaneously as compared to the medications.
On the other hand, it is observed that sex can also set in motion these attacks. In quite a few numbers of people, the exertion during the physical act can make them prone to headache. A neurologist named Randolph Evans mentions that one might realize pain in areas near the neck and head which might worsen with the time the couple continues to make love. There is another type of headache often known as the orgasmic headache that sparks off with the couple attaining orgasm or immediately after that. Besides the stress and anxiety in one can also lead to sex that goes off by itself without any treatment. Generally these headaches owing to sex are caused in men more than women. In such case, one can consider medications like Generic Levitra to help them alleviate this complication and have satiating sex.

Migraines in one are generally considered to be genetic in nature. Other than genetic factors, there are also some other well known factors that can attribute to this headache in one. This includes distressed sleep, stress, and certain food items including beer, chocolate or caffeine. Sudden changes in climate also can trigger these aches. Besides, one might experience these migraine attacks while fasting or starving due to any reason.This entire notion has been debatable. However it has been observed that sex is a potent cure to these migraine attacks in majority. The case of sex being a cause of these headaches is quite less. Besides, a healthy sex life is always associated with healthfulness.

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